JPJ Conducts Roadblocks (Ops Sedar) Nationwide To Track Down Vehicles Without Insurance

JPJ conducts roadblocks Ops Sedar nationwide starting Nov 24 to track down vehicles without insurance. Renew your vehicle insurance now.

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Are you driving without vehicle insurance? You must renew your insurance as soon as possible.

According to its press release on 23 November 2021, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is going to conduct Ops Sedar nationwide starting today, 24 November 2021 to track down vehicles that do not have insurance coverage.

Ops Sedar is conducted as the JPJ has observed that many vehicle users are using their vehicles on the roads without vehicle insurance.

JPJ’s Director-General Datuk Zailani Hashim
JPJ’s Director-General Datuk Zailani Hashim said that monitoring and enforcement actions would be via roadblocks at selected locations

Driving without vehicle insurance is illegal

Following the Road Transport Act 1987, all vehicle owners must have a valid Motor Vehicle Licence (road tax) and motor insurance in order to use their vehicles on the road. Therefore, it is illegal for you to use your vehicle on public roads in Malaysia if you do not have valid vehicle insurance and road tax. While you can renew your road tax and driving licence latest on 31 December 2021, your vehicle insurance must remain active at all times.

Fine and driving licence suspension for failure to renew insurance

Vehicle owners who have failed to renew their vehicle insurance can be fined not exceeding RM1,000 and have their driving licence suspended for 12 months.

JPJ roadblocks

Renew your insurance for your safety and other road users

JPJ has also affirmed that road users who do not have insurance coverage will cause inconvenience to the vehicle owners themselves should they run into any road accident. 

We would add that without insurance coverage, you will not be able to make an insurance claim, which may then require you to pay for any loss or damage arising from a vehicle accident out of your own pocket.

Besides, you will also cause inconvenience to other road users in the event that you cause any road accident. 

Road accidents between two cars

Renew your insurance and road tax online at Bjak

If you have not renewed your insurance, you can simply renew your insurance online at Bjak in just 5 minutes. Remember that having vehicle insurance is mandatory for your own safety and other road users. Furthermore, if your insurance is not active, you can face a fine not exceeding RM1,000 and a driving licence suspension for a year.

Protect yourself and other road users. Renew both your insurance and road tax at Bjak online, hassle-free. Visit to get free car insurance quotes online now.

Renew your insurance and road tax online at Bjak