Naughty insurance agent sirens you should runaway from!


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Not all insurance agents are bad apples, but the ones that are are rotten to their very core. In a world where people can pull a smoke screen to your eyes and whisk you away to la-la land, how can you be sure that the insurance agent that is courting you is the real deal?

Intermediary or dishonest, we’ll tell you how you can differentiate from the good, the bad and the ugly, and even make a few suggestions that will help you on your way to an insurance agreement that you are happy with.

#1 Those Who Pressure You

Have you ever came across a friend, while waiting at the bank, or while lining up to tapau, who seems a little too enthusiastic to your liking? And not trying to be rude, you sort of just listen to what he has to say, until you end up having to answer his endless calls morning, afternoon and evening until you give in to what he is selling?

Well, this is a type of insurance agent you SHOULD runaway from! Those who keep pestering and pressuring you to decide, that most often that not, you will regret.

“This is a limited time offer!” or “With an additional RM100, you will get a free umbrella that’s super dry when wet!” – Heard all of this before? Well, we have! So, put on your running shoes and start running because these people will get out of their way to get your signature.

Pro Hack: try to locate an online platform or ethical agent that will allow you adequate time to consider before making an informed decision.

#2 If the quote is too good to be true

If an agent quotes you a premium, that is too good to be true. It probably is. Like any insurance or items in the market, none of it is the same, as premium differentiates from one insurer to another.

Be careful! If a quote sounds a little farfetched, you may be looking at an agent who’s trying to sell you a non-existent policy or one that has very little coverage.

Pro hack: If you are in the market for an insurance that fits your wallet, customise it and start saving by eliminating things you don’t need.

#3 Those who add things you didn’t request

A little different from upselling, here is a common tactic where agents take money from you. When they add things you didn’t request onto your insurance shopping cart, agents will earn more when you pay more.

Convenient, right?

It is like going to your allowed service dealer, and the person in charge keeps pushing you to change things you don’t really need! Using the same concept, irresponsible agents puts in extra coverage to earn a little extra off of you.

Pro hack: Review your policy to ensure that you only get the stuff you requested and nothing more. Better yet, make a list of what you want online and only pay for what you get.

#4 Agents that represent an insurance company you don’t know

There are a lot of shady characters nowadays, that want nothing more than to grab your money and run away with it. One of those people are insurance agents who collect premiums sold by non-existent insurers.

They woo you through fake documents that look like real policies, and maybe put in a website just to make things look legit. If you are met with these shady characters, maybe it is best to give the police a call.

Pro hack: Ensure that you do your research first before committing to a particular brand, or better yet, go with a brand you’ve heard of and knows can perform for you.

#5 An agent that lies on your application

This is just plain dishonesty. Sometimes an agent bends facts to make business look acceptable.

What happens when an insurer discovers the truth? If caught, the credibility of you and your agent will be tarnished, and it may cause you to void your policy.

Pro hack: Report it in if your agent has lied on your application. Notice hints when you meet your agent to ensure that they are trustworthy people to begin with.

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