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Pro tips you should know before buying insurance

    Healthcare, especially the good ones, will cost you an arm and a leg, even for the simplest of procedures. Being a healthcare professional in the past, serving at a private hospital, we know that in health, every time you pop a pill, it is money into the hospital’s coffers.

    So unless you have a hefty amount of dinero lying around, getting a health insurance may be your best bet. But, hold on to your horses! Before you pick up the phone and dial up an insurance agent, here are some useful, ‘top secret’ hints you SHOULD know before dreaming of slashing your hospital bills soon.

    #1 Figure out how much you can afford to pay

    If you ‘re thinking of starting by looking at the ‘metal’ tiers – bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages some companies offer, you are actually looking at the percentage you will pay and not the quality of care.

    A lower tiered plan may be cheaper than say a platinum plan, but the care it provides is essentially the same.

    Pro tip: If you foresee needing more care, opt for higher tiered plans, but if you want to be healthier, than the lower tier makes more sense.

    #2 Make sure your doctor, hospital of choice is covered under the plan you choose

    If there is a medical centre or doctor that you prefer, do some reading and make sure they accept your insurance, preferably listed as an “in-network” with your would-be insurance.

    THIS is the same with any medications you need. Some would go to the extent of ensuring that your in-patient room of choice is well within the coverage of your insurance. Say that your insurance covers RM230 for a night’s stay in a particular hospital, but the room in your hospital charges RM250. You can opt to pay the difference, or upgrade.

    Pro tip: Find out more about your covered benefits, copays and what your insurance will pay against escalating medical costs before considering your would-be insurance.

    #3 ‘Out of network’ doctors/hospitals may incur more cost

    For cases where a specific doctor you want to consult or a hospital you want to seek treatment at is ‘out of the network’, it may cost more! What does this mean? You may risk losing out on potential savings compared to those that are part of the in-network.

    Pro tip: Find out which doctor and hospitals are working closely with your insurance service provider to get MAD savings or a chance to get better expertise for treatment.

    Pro tips work best when you get help with what you’re doing. Get expert help, and customise your own insurance package to save on massive insurance payments by connecting to, for comprehensive insurance coverage that’s a bang for your buck.