Tips To Keep Your Car’s Air-Conditioner Running Cool

Read this article as we share the tips or tricks to make the air-conditioner in your car work better and get colder!


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Isn’t the weather so hot nowadays? The extreme heat outside makes you want to find shade in your car, hoping that the cold air-cond can brush off your sweats and hotness.

Therefore, you blast the air-cond to the max right after you get into your car that has been parked under the sun for hours. Does it help? We are afraid not. You might instead, get hot air blasting you in the face when you do that.

How can you make your car AC colder, especially during scorching heat days? Let us share some tips to keep your car’s air-conditioning cool.

Park in the shade

Avoid parking your car under direct sunlight. Cars parked in direct sunlight can reach internal temperatures up to 55°C when outside temperatures are 37°C.

If parking in the shade is not an option, use a windscreen sun shade to prevent direct sunlight. In addition to keeping your car less warm, sunshades can also help protect your car’s interior from damaging UV rays that cause dashboard discoloration and cracking.

If your car has window visors, you can lower the window a little for the hot air to escape during your absent.

Ventilate the car before switching on the air-cond

It is a good idea to ventilate the cabin before switching on the air-cond.

How? Open all the windows and doors and let the car run on idle with the air-cond on for some time. This will push the hot air out almost immediately.

You can also roll down the windows and drive for a few seconds before switching on the air-cond.

Don’t switch to max air-cond right away

You can finally turn on the air-cond after ventilating the cabin. However, please start slow and on “fresh” mode.

It can be tempting to turn on the air-cond and crank it to “max cool” right when you get in the car. But blasting the air-cond right out of the gate is not the best way to make it chilly. When your aircond is set to “max,” the car is taking air from inside the car, cooling it, and blowing it back into the cabin.

Here’s how you can do it: Start by pulling air from outside the vehicle to make things feel cooler. Leave the air-cond button off at first. Turn the fan to its maximum speed and make sure the airflow is set to “outside” mode. Once you’ve forced out some of the humid air that’s accumulated in the car, turn on the air-cond and switch to “recirculate” airflow mode. Now you can set the aircond to “max cool.”

Use your car air-cond every day if possible

Air vents and other mechanisms involved in the air-conditioning system will remain intact only if they are used regularly no matter how the weather is.

Make sure to keep the AC running for about 10-15 minutes, at least once a week.

Replace the cabin air filter

The cabin air filter prevents dust, pollen, dirt, and other pollutants from entering your car through the air-cond and heat vents. A clogged filter can inhibit or even block air-cond airflow and trap moisture in its layers as well – causing the cold air to struggle to reach the cabin. 

You check and even replace the filter yourself. Please consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Get the car air-cond serviced regularly

All machines need regular service to maintain proper maintenance. The same applies to your car’s air conditioning system as well.

Ensure to have your air-cond serviced at regular intervals. Here we share several usual steps to a car air conditioning system service schedule.

Switch off the air-cond properly

Be sure to switch off the air-cond before you switch off the ignition.

Meanwhile, you can let the fan run after switching off the aircond to ensure the evaporator is dried out along with its surroundings. This can help specks of dirt like moss and bacteria won’t be built up here and avoid possible foul smells.

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