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4 Ways Your Farts Can Tell How Healthy You Are

    Farting is often considered distasteful, but it is a bodily routine for all human beings, just like breathing and eating. So, why the hate?

    Not only that, farts can tell us a lot about our digestive health. According to experts, the lesser you pass gas, the more susceptible you are to having lower digestive tract bacteria. Which is a bad thing.

    It all comes down to digestion. So, if you’re making sweet music over a dozen times a day, your digestive system is telling you:

    #1 You’re getting good, complex carbs

    Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain nuts and seeds provide fermentable fibre and resistant starches that produce gas as part of their fermentation.

    By farting, your body is telling you that these food items improve your gut and good bacteria health.

    #2 Farting keeps your colon happy

    Improving colon health will obviously mean a happy colon. Not only that, farting lowers the risk of colon complications.

    If you are met with the urge to let gas pass, here is what experts have to say about it.

    “Holding in gas can limit motility of bowels, leading to digestive discomfort, pain and even constipation.”

    “In the long run, regular constipation increases the risk for diverticulosis (small bulging pouches in the digestive tract).

    Better a noisy neighbour than an angry tenant, right?

    #3 It helps you eat better

    Your farts can tell you what you have eaten and what you lack – resulting in a better diet. Experts say that if you are passing heavy, foul gas regularly, you may have too much protein, sugar and saturated fats instead of healthy carbs and plant-based fats.

    “This may also be the case if your diet is rich in artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.”

    “It may result from healthy foods like eggs and broccoli.”

    Take time and evaluate your fart to see whether there is a need to balance the food you’re eating daily. Nothing wrong with munching on vegetables from time to time.

    #4 Helps identify food intolerances

    Farting does not mean you are lactose intolerant or have developed an intolerance against gluten, but it is worth talking to your doctor, to get their take on it.

    A gastroenterologist may attribute difficulty in passing gas, painful bloating or foul-smelling gas as a sign of food intolerance…or say that it may be due to the irregular food item you just ate at the company pantry, and your tummy is simply responding to it differently.

    Brussels sprouts anyone?

    Talk to a colorectal or gastroenterology expert if you have prolonged problems with your colon and farts. Get coverage for would-be procedures you have to undergo, by clicking on to get insured from RM150 now!