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5 ways to improve your bad posture!

    Sit up straight! Tuck that tummy in! These are the orders we usually hear from our mothers every time we sit down for a meal, when we were younger.

    IF you’ve been listening and following her orders all this while, we are sure you will not have that nagging pain at the bottom of your neck, or that unusual shoulder pain every time you get up from your chair.

    According to experts, ignoring advice on good posture may have a significant impact on you overall health. So, here is what science has to say about your bad posture.

    #1 Overworked muscles

    Just like your sets at the gym, where you do strenuous leg exercises five days a week, your legs will feel overworked and sore. The same can be said when you are hunched over your screen daily, your neck and shoulder muscles will be equally overworked.

    #2 Arthritis

    We know now that poor posture causes you to overwork your muscles. To heal it, your immune system kicks in and heal muscle inflammation, up to a point, arthritis develops in nearby joints.

    Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints, and it gets worse as you grow older.

    How do I get better?

    First, never ignore advice on good posture. Here are additional steps you can take to further promote good posture especially in the work place.

    #1 Pay attention to your work station setup

    When you sit at your work station, ensure that your should and arms are at a 90-degree angle, your monitor is at eye level and avoid looking down often as it increases neck strain.

    Experts say, “every inch you tilt your neck forward, the amount of weight it places on your spine, doubles.”

    Try as hard as you can to keep your spine in a neutral position. Do not move your butt backwards or lean too forward, experts say.

    #2 Move around, a lot

    Experts advise that when you are working, whether you sit or stand, try to work in regular movement.

    What does that mean? “Your body loves variety, so don’t allow your muscles to get too fatigued.”

    Take a short break and walk around. Even if you cannot leave your work station, vary your motion by swaying a bit, moving forwards and backwards for a while.

    Here are several exercises you can perform to improve posture while at the office:

    • Superman – Lie on your stomach, raise both arms and legs a couple of inches away from the ground. Hold, rest and repeat a few times.
    • Core – Crunches, planks and leg extensions
    • Neck extension – Press your head firmly, backwards into your chair’s headrest or into your hands. Hold for 30-seconds and repeat when necessary.

    If your neck, shoulder and back pain persists, a proper consultation with a doctor can help identify the root cause of the problem, as it may be more than just bad posture. Worried about consultation bills, get Life and Medical insurance with Bjak for the coverage you need.

    Time to live life worry-free!