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Accident With Convoy Vehicles Escorted by Authorities, Can You Claim Insurance?

    Accident With Convoy Vehicles

    On your way driving to your destination, you spotted several vehicles coming close from behind you. These vehicles turned out to be escorted by the authorities. Unfortunately, one of these convoy vehicles hit your car. How are things clarified in this situation? Can you claim to repair the damage? To whom can you file a claim? Read on as we explain more.

    Claim insurance: Accident with convoy vehicles

    kemalangan dengan kenderaan konvoi

    To your knowledge, yes, you can claim if the situation in question happens to you. However, to whom can you claim?

    According to the General Insurance Association Of Malaysia (PIAM), the claim must be filed against the owner of the personal vehicle that was escorted by the authorities. In such a situation, the government vehicle is not responsible for the incident.

    “Generally, it depends on negotiations between the vehicle owner and the driver of the police vehicle involved.

    “However, the vehicle owner can claim against the privately owned vehicle escorted by the authorities in any situation depending on the fault when the accident occurred.”

    He also said that in any accidents with government-owned vehicles during emergencies, the claim usually is filed against the private vehicle owner’s insurance. This is considering that government vehicles in emergency use will light up sirens to notify other road users to give way.

    For instance: police escorting VIPs, ambulances, firefighters, etc.

    How about an accident with another vehicle due to the convoy route?

    What if you participate in an accident with another vehicle caused by the escorted vehicles? To whom should you file a claim in such a situation?

    According to PIAM, insurance claims will be made as usual according to the circumstances of the accident.

    In short, you can file a third-party claim against the at-fault party (where you are the non-fault party in the accident). The other involved party can claim against you (if you are the at-fault party).

    Avoid getting involved in a car accident

    In brief, we hope everyone will practice safe driving habits on the road. Please be considerate towards other road users. You will not only prevent accidents but ensure the traffic flow is smooth.

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