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Bjak VIP: Premium Coverage Plan With Exciting Benefits For Vehicle Owners

    Bjak VIP

    Every vehicle insurance policy comes with a price, whether a comprehensive or a third-party plan. However, vehicle owners can agree that essential services like towing and roadside assistance are some of the most sought-after benefits everyone searches for when renewing car insurance.

    Unfortunately, not every insurance company is willing to offer these services at an affordable price, let alone for free. This is why we feel every car owner should subscribe to the all-new and exclusive premium vehicle coverage plan by Bjak, Bjak VIP, for a peaceful driving journey throughout the year.

    What is Bjak VIP?

    Bjak is proud to introduce its premium coverage plan, Bjak VIP, which enables vehicle owners to enjoy exclusive benefits on their cars at an affordable rate.

    This yearly subscription plan can be added to an existing car policy to benefit from various essential services like roadside assistance, unlimited towing, comprehensive 30p car inspection, battery and fuel delivery and more for peaceful driving.

    Bjak VIP plan

    What is included in it?

    For only RM37.90 per year, Bjak VIP covers the following vehicle services for all eligible customers:

    • 24-hour customer support
    • Unlimited nationwide towing
    • Emergency battery change at any location
    • Emergency tyre replacement
    • Breakdown assist
    • Car Inspection
    • Battery jump-start service
    • Emergency fuel delivery
    • Minor roadside repair
    • Support from 830-panel workshops nationwide
    • Dedicated customer service helpline

    Note: Your VIP package will be activated when you renew your insurance policy with Bjak.

    Who can subscribe to Bjak VIP?

    All car owners who renew their insurance with us can subscribe to the VIP plan for as low as RM37.90. Please note that the final price for the plan varies according to the vehicle make, model and the type of policy chosen upon renewal. Therefore, the VIP price displayed on our site might differ.

    How to subscribe to Bjak VIP?

    In order to subscribe to Bjak VIP, vehicle owners must renew their insurance with Bjak. This is because the benefits are exclusive to our customers. If you’re interested in purchasing the add-on, simply click “YES” on the add-on option that appears on your screen.

    Why should you get it?

    We highly recommend vehicle owners subscribe to the Bjak VIP package as it is incredibly helpful during emergency times and claim assistance. Here are some key reasons why Bjak VIP is worth subscribing to.

    • Professional Claim Assistance – Our VIP teams are online 24 hours a day to follow up with the insurance company and perform procedures for claim priority.
    • Access to the Best Workshop – VIP members get recommendations for ANY repair at our vetted workshops – with exclusive discounts and VIP experience.
    • VIP Discounts – Get free and exclusive deals, from the best car wash, auto detailing, servicing and more.
    • 24-hour Emergency Support – We provide our VIP package members with a 24-hour emergency chat and call.
    • Call Specialists Directly – Talk to workshops and mechanics to check your vehicle’s problems.

    Still, have questions and doubts to clarify? Contact our friendly customer care consultants for more info on our VIP package. WhatsApp 016-6999129 or dial 03-92131717 for assistance. In the meantime, click on the link below to get your free vehicle insurance quote from us.

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Visit Bjak today to get your free insurance quote!

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