Car Insurance: Buy Online vs Agent

Are you not sure whether to buy insurance online or consult with an agent?

Read this article to learn which way is more beneficial!

Car Insurance

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Following the crisis of the COVID-19 scenario, the world has changed drastically. Our movements and activities are put under constraints due to the virus. The main thing that we can see is changing completely is how people have learned to adapt to the internet. Shopping or meeting, you name it – everything is online. That said, buying insurance online is no exception.

New norm: buy insurance online

You may still remember how insurance agents used to approach people when you walk at malls. You need to stop whatever you are doing and spend some time listening to what they explain about their products. It can be time-consuming and daunting to be ‘pressured’ by the agents. Yes, we know how it feels.

But those days are long gone! There is a more incredible way to buy insurance – online! Buying insurance online is easy, hassle-free and cost-effective. 

It is easier to get information and compare across companies before purchasing anything. This includes your insurance policies as well. You can relax to shop around and take the time to review each policy.

Advantages of buying insurance online

Buying Car Insurance Online vs Agent

But some people still prefer to use the conventional way of purchasing insurance. They would still do this by the recommendations of their insurance agents or brokers. Therefore, let us go through a comparison between buying insurance online and an agent.


  • Online

Most insurance products are usually at least 50% cheaper than their offline counterparts. Why is that?

There are no intermediary costs that are passed on to you. You are purchasing it directly from the insurer. You just pay the specified premium amount, with no hidden costs.

  • Agent

Agents own their own business and they need to generate income. They charge a certain commission to the insurance company for selling their product. 


  • Online

You get great accessibility to your insurance provider directly instead of having a middle person relay the information. You may ensure there is no miscommunication in the information.

The insurance terms are laid out in front of you online. There are no hidden conditions or exaggerations.

  • Agent

There may be an inaccuracy in information when you are purchasing insurance from the agent – be it your premium amount or policy terms.

Online research/comparison

  • Online

Insurance is a long-term investment that you need to commit every month. Therefore you need to compare various insurance policies. You can browse various plans, know their features and make an informed decision.

  • Agent

If you buy insurance from an agent, you might only opt for something he recommends, without additional information. Yes, you may convey your requirements, but you cannot be certain if you got the right deal.

Save time

  • Online

You are saving your time and energy when you buy insurance online. Everything is done with a few clicks including the filling up proposal form, making payment, and uploading documents.

You may just settle it in just 10 minutes.

  • Agent

Dealing with an agent may take some time as you will need to pay a physical visit to the insurer’s office. In addition, the process of exchanging documents, filling up the form, and waiting for approval may take up some time.

Buy insurance online at Bjak!

Is buying insurance online recommended? Provided the information above, yes! Buying insurance online is easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

Please ensure that you are going to the authentic website of the insurance provider like Bjak, the largest insurance comparison site in Malaysia.

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