Car Insurance: How To Enjoy Installments At 0% Interest!

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment method helps users pay for insurance in installments with 0% interest!


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Renewing insurance is one of the annual responsibilities that all vehicle owners must commit to.

To your knowledge, insurance premiums are generally less affordable, moreover for first-time buyers. All first-time car buyers are not eligible for NCDs. The NCD rate remains at 0% and will begin to accumulate in the second year.

Thus, making the first year of annual insurance premiums can be quite costly.

However, there is an option to lessen the burden of paying the renewal. Read on as we share the tips!

Bjak offers Buy Now Pay Later for customers

The Buy Now Pay Later payment method is not only available on online shopping apps like Shopee. Now, you can opt for installment payments for car insurance renewal at Bjak!

Other than payment methods in cash and online banking for customers, Bjak offers Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment method.

The BNPL payment option allows vehicle owners to activate the insurance without having to make full payments at once. Users can split purchases into 3 payments with 0% interest. 

Benefits of BNPL?

The followings are several advantages of using BNPL:

0% interest 

You will usually hear of installment payments with a charge of interest. However, at Bjak, the Buy Now Pay Later payment option does not charge interest to users.

Vehicle owners are allowed to split purchases into 3 payments without any interest.

No credit card is required

Ramai yang mungkin mengeluh “Bila nak bayar ansuran je, kena ada kad kredit. Lecehlah!”. Jadi, bagi memahami kehendak rata-rata pelanggan, Bjak memberi peluang kepada sesiapa sahaja untuk membuat pembayaran secara ansuran tanpa kad kredit. Mudah kan?!

Discount up to RM75 for insurance premium

Who does not have their eyes on discounts? We all do!

Here’s the catch of using BNPL at Bjak. You can enjoy discounts of up to 5% with minimum spending of RM500 for every insurance purchase.

*Note: Discounts capped at RM75

How to use BNPL to enjoy 0% interest?

The steps to use BNPL is easy to follow. Here we provide the guide as your guidance:

Buy now, pay later motor insurance at Bjak

Info: Your payment will be divided into 3 times. For the first payment, you have to pay at the point of purchase. The following two payments will be charged automatically after 30 days and 60 days, respectively without any fees or interest.

Let’s renew your insurance first and pay at a later time with 0% interest!

With such flexible payment, you have no more excuse not to renew your car insurance! Use BNPL to enjoy savings!

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