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Covid-19: Infected workers can claim benefits from Socso. Here’s how to apply!

    Socso pays benefits to employees who contracted the virus at work

    Thousand of Covid-19 cases reported in the country are those originating from the workplace. According to figures recorded in July, more than half of Covid-19 active clusters in Selangor are from the economic sector, where 54% were from the manufacturing sector, followed by the services sector (12%), construction sites (10%) and businesses (7%).

    Did you know that employees who are infected with Covid-19 at their workplaces are enabled to claim benefit payments under the Employment Injury Scheme of the Social Security Organisation (Socso)?

    Yes! You are able to claim benefits through your employer. 

    Covid-19 an occupational disease, workers eligible to be compensated, says Socso

    Socso confirms Covid-19 to be an occupational disease eligible for workers’ compensation under the 5th Schedule of Employment Social Security Act 1969. A special task force has been set up to investigate claims under the scheme to expedite payments to those involved.

    The process of investigation usually will take up to 45 days upon receiving the application. As of December 2020, a total of 376 applications were received, where 129 of them have received the benefits.

    Are you qualified? How to claim?

    Although you are infected with Covid-19, you have to take note that employees are only eligible for the benefit if:

    • Still working
    • An active Socso contributors
    • Contracted Covid-19 at the workplace 
    Accepted Cases ✅Rejected Cases ❌
    Individuals who contracted with Covid-19 at workplacesContracted the virus from family members, social infections, and non-positive covid 19 (close contact)

    How to claim benefits for Covid-19?

    It is the responsibility of the employers to file a report immediately to Socso through Application Form 34 (Details of Notice and Benefits’ Claim Form). 

    What are the details needed?

    • Details of Notice and Benefits’ Claim Form – Application Form 34
    • Copy of identity card
    • Sick leave form
    • Copy of attendance record
    • Covid-19 Positive Confirmation Report
    • Salary slip (6 months) before the accident
    • Copy of savings account statement

    Do you need more details on the matter? You may refer to Socso’s official website to learn more about the benefit payments under the Employment Injury Scheme!

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