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Domestic Travel Insurance: Why Do You Need It For Local Trips?

    Domestic travel insurance Malaysia - cover

    Most of us will only consider travel insurance when travelling abroad as we anticipate incidents such as flight delays, loss of baggage and medical emergencies, among others. But these incidents can also happen when you’re travelling locally.

    A lot of times, passengers experience damage to checked baggage, flight delays and other incidents, which are often not compensated for due to not taking insurance. This is why it’s important to consider domestic travel insurance in Malaysia.

    Covers personal accident

    Let’s be honest! You never really know what will happen to you the next day, let alone when travelling. Imagine the unlikely event that your local plane crashes shortly after takeoff. As scary as this sounds, you must consider domestic travel insurance, especially during bad weather, so there’s always some protection.

    Even if you’re not going to survive a plane crash, your beloved spouse or family members can still benefit from your coverage as they are compensated. Though money can never replace a lost soul, it can at least ease your family’s burden, especially if you’re the breadwinner.

    Covers loss of checked baggage

    Checked baggage can be damaged or go missing even during short flights due to the negligence of airline workers. Damage to checked baggage is something many passengers experience when they travel locally. But many of them cannot claim compensation from the airline companies as they do not have protective coverage.

    In such situations, travel insurance can be a lifesaver as it protects your goods and other personal belongings. Nowadays, most policies provide coverage for checked baggage because it’s one of the essential things people look for in insurance.

    Covers flight delays or cancellations

    Flight delays are pretty common, even for domestic trips, as there’s always a possibility for technical issues. Unless you haven’t been through one, you probably already know how frustrating it feels when your flight is delayed for hours or, worse, cancelled altogether.

    Airline companies usually don’t offer you any compensation for flight delays or cancellations other than refunding the ticket prices. But that alone is insufficient to compensate passengers who have wasted much time in the airport. Here, travel insurance is beneficial to give them that extra compensation they truly deserve.

    Covers loss of travel documents

    Overseas travel usually requires more travel documents than local ones. Though you don’t need a passport or visa to travel locally, you must still carry your ID card when visiting places in Malaysia.

    Compared to passports, IDs are much smaller in size, and they can easily be misplaced during your trip. If this happens, travel insurance can greatly help by offering compensation you can later use to apply for a new one and even pay fines that authorities may impose during the process.

    Covers medical treatment

    Falling sick during a vacation is not something you’d like. But no matter how much you try to avoid getting sick, it can still happen when travelling. Given our unpredictable weather in Malaysia, along with Covid-19, falling ill is highly possible. Medical emergencies during your trip can be a total inconvenience.

    One of the biggest plus points of taking travel insurance is the availability of immediate treatment for medical emergencies. Insurance providers like Etiqa now offer cashless medical care for travellers with a 24/7 hotline which can be super helpful. These benefits are also provided to domestic travellers.

    Get domestic travel insurance

    As you can see, there’s more than one benefit to signing up for domestic travel insurance. Getting one is always a good idea because you can use it for so many other things.

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have realised the need to purchase travel insurance regardless of where they go. As such, it has somehow become a necessity for travellers.

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