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Five reasons why your balls are ringing

    Ask any man. Every one of us will attest that pain in our huevos is no joke. As common as it is, testicular pain is a cause for concern, as it may lead to something super serious.

    It is understandable that in this day and age, pain in the bells may signal testicular cancer, but the truth is told, most cases of testicular cancer are PAINLESS – and are usually detected through a lump.

    If you worry that your pain is likely caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), you are more likely to experience a burning sensation during urination, though some form of pain in the balls may happen.

    So what is causing that painful sensation in your grapes? Here is our list of why this can happen.

    #1 Testicular torsion

    Testicular torsion

    Testicular torsion happens when your spermatic cord becomes twisted and cuts off blood flow to the testicles – simply put, your balls get twisted.

    This can occur in several scenarios, like when you’re working out, having coitus, or even sleeping. As a side note, this condition can happen at any age.

    According to Mayo Clinic, to resolve the matter, doctors at times will manually un-twist the testicle, and in most cases, surgery is required for tissues that have died because of insufficient blood flow.

    #2 Direct blow

    The most common cause why your balls will hurt is due to a direct blow, which can cause blood to collect between its protective layers.

    Known as hematocele, it can simply be managed with bed rest.

    #3 Kidney stones, constipation, hernia and stomach issues

    Nerves that lead to your balls come from places such as the stomach, kidneys and digestive tract. During constipation, pressure from unfulfilling number twos can cause sore testicles.

    The same sensation can be felt in cases of kidney stones and upset stomachs. For hernia, inflammation can cause a reaction that reaches your balls.

    Experts call it “referred pain”, meaning the pain is not exactly your ball’s fault, but where it ends up being.

    #4 Hydrocele

    Hydrocele happens when fluid around your testicles and cords that it dangles on is imbalanced. When there is too much fluid in the sac you are left with what experts call a hydrocele.

    Typically, it isn’t painful, but some may feel pain due to a heavy and swollen scrotum. It typically goes away within six months, but again, sometimes it may require surgery.

    #5 Varicocele

    Typically represented as the enlargement of veins in the testicle, varicocele leaves your scrotum with a feeling of fullness and looks like you are carrying a bag of worms.

    Categorized in different grades, grade 3 is by far the largest, where your scrotum feels thick and lumpy. This condition typically develops during puberty.

    Experts say that varicocele is associated with fertility – where patients experiencing varicocele have issues with sperm production and quality. You may need surgery, where doctors will divert blood flow away from damaged veins into functioning ones.

    Admitting that you have ball pain is the first step to seeking treatment. If your ball pain is of a high degree lasting more than 15 minutes, it is time to head to the ER.

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