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Pros & Cons Of Buying Your Flight Insurance Online

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    Procuring the best flight insurance online is very popular among travellers nowadays, as it saves a lot of time and offers many other benefits. However, even the most useful of alternatives come with disadvantages that one should take note of.

    Hence, we’ve put together a quick list of the pros and cons of getting your flight insurance online to help you make better decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the potential advantages and disadvantages of online travel insurance.


    • Convenience: You can compare quotes and purchase a policy in minutes, all from the comfort of your home.
    • Wider selection: Online platforms often offer a wider range of policies from different providers, giving you more choices and potentially better rates.
    • Transparency: You can easily access policy details and compare coverage levels side-by-side.
    • 24/7 access: You can manage your policy and file claims online at any time.
    • Potentially lower costs: Online companies may have lower overhead costs, which can translate into lower premiums for you.


    • Less personalized service: You may not have the opportunity to speak with a representative and get personalized advice.
    • Understanding coverage: Navigating complex insurance language and understanding exactly what’s covered can be challenging.
    • Limited plan options: Some online platforms only offer a limited number of travel insurance plans, which may not be suitable for everyone’s needs.
    • Difficulty filing claims: Depending on the provider, the online claims process may be more complex or less user-friendly.
    • Potential for fraud: The virtual environment increases the risk of scams and fake policies being sold to people, as it can be difficult to trace or verify online policy details.

    How to minimise the impact?

    Given the inevitability of the cons of online insurance, one should learn to minimise their impact to prevent financial loss. Here are some tips that you can take to reduce the impact of the disadvantages:

    Compare, compare, compare

    Never resort to purchasing a policy the minute you see it. Online offers can be tempting because they may appear too good of a deal but comparing policies allows you to weigh the pros and cons of each policy. This way you won’t settle for something that offers little to no value for your trip.

    Read the policy details carefully

    Always read the terms and conditions of any insurance policy to fully understand what it covers and it doesn’t. If this is challenging for you due to the language used, seek help from a friend or even an insurance agent who may be able to help you interpret some of the clauses.

    Check for site security and phishing ads

    One of the primary ways to discover an online scam is to ensure the website you’re visiting is legit and free from spammy ads. If you notice a fishy URL or a lot of spammy ads, it’s a good sign that the page you’re visiting is being operated by a fraudster.

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