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How To Claim Motorcycle Insurance After An Accident

    More than 60% of road accidents involved motorcyclists over 20 years. On average, 20% of the 500,000 accidents reported each year involve motorcycle accidents, according to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS).

    Most victims involved riders aged between 16 to 30 years. The accident mainly occurs on main roads.

    “66% on the straight side of the road, 27.5% of violations on corners or sidewalks, 28% involving a car, and 25% involving a single vehicle.”

    The importance of motorcycle insurance coverage

    It is compulsory for all 4-wheel or 2-wheel vehicles to have valid insurance coverage. It goes without saying that insurance coverage will be able to protect your finances in the event of any untoward incidents.

    Similar to car insurance, motorcycle insurance also serves the same purposes which covers you against:

    • Liability from third parties in the event of injury, death, or property damage caused by you (for all types of policyholders)
    • Damage to the motorcycle due to theft, accidental fire, and damage due to incidents caused by you (for comprehensive policyholders)
    • Motorcycle damage due to fire & theft (third-party, fire and theft insurance policy (TPFT).

    Please refer to the visual to understand the three types of insurance policies.

    Differences between the three types of car insurance policies

    You may read our previous articles on motorcycle insurance to help you understand better.

    Next, let us explain the steps to claim insurance in the event of an accident.

    Claim motorcycle insurance against your insurer

    You can either claim for Own Damage claim or a Third Party claim.

    Own Damage Claim

    This claim refers to a claim made against your policy. However, you need to have comprehensive insurance coverage in order to make this claim.

    You can file this claim if you are the party at fault or in the event of a single-vehicle accident. However, please note that you will lose your No Claim Discount (NCD).

    Third-Party Claim

    You can file a third-party claim if you are not the party at fault.

    In addition, you can also keep your NCD entitlement.

    Steps to claim motorcycle insurance

    Tuntutan insurans boleh dibuat untuk pemegang polisi komprehensif dan TPFT sahaja

    You can file an insurance claim if you are eligible and meet all the requirements.

    The insurance coverage you purchase and renew each year allows you to make an insurance claim in the event of something happening on the road (if eligible and eligible).

    The followings are steps to file an insurance claim in the event of an accident.

    Jot down the details of the accident

    Make sure to stay calm and avoid panicking if you get involved in an accident. Please write down the necessary details immediately.

    For example, the location, the plate number, and the name of the involved driver. Make sure to get their telephone number as well.

    In addition, please note the type or brand of vehicle involved.

    Take pictures of the accident scene

    Please make sure you take pictures of the accident incident along with the vehicles involved.

    The picture can be used as evidence in the event of any problems during the accident investigation process.

    Get information related to accident witnesses

    The universe works in your favour if you have pairs of eyes witnessing the accident that involved you.

    Get witness information such as their names and telephone numbers. This is because this information will be useful in case there are any problems during the investigation process.

    Anda bernasib baik jika terdapat saksi yang melihat kemalangan berlaku membabitkan anda. Jika boleh, dapatkan juga maklumat saksi seperti nama dan nombor telefon mereka. Ini kerana, maklumat ini akan berguna andai kata berlakunya sebarang masalah ketika proses penyiasatan dilakukan. 

    Lodge a police report

    Don’t put off lodging a police report. Do it within 24 hours after the accident takes place.

    Make sure you get the details right to avoid any problems arising in the future.

    Contact your insurer

    Please ensure to inform your insurance company about the accident.

    This is to prevent you from incurring any losses. It includes third-party claims as well.

    You also need to make a written report to the insurance company. Please enclose documents such as the original copy of the police report, insurance policy, copy of identity card, and copy of the driving license.

    Send the motorcycle to a panel workshop

    Bagi memastikan tuntutan boleh dilakukan, sila pastikan motosikal anda dihantar ke bengkel panel syarikat insurans anda bagi membaiki kerosakan. Jika motosikal dihantar ke bengkel selain bengkel panel, maka anda mungkin terpaksa menanggung kos kerosakan menggunakan wang sendiri meskipun ketika kemalangan, anda bukan di pihak yang bersalah.

    Please make sure your motorcycle is sent to your insurance company’s panel workshop to repair the damage. This is to ensure you can proceed with the claim.

    You may have to bear the cost of damage using your own money if you repair a workshop other than the panel workshop.

    Ensure insurance is active and valid to ease motorcycle insurance

    Motorcyclists are often exposed to road accidents. Therefore, don’t forget to make sure your motor insurance and road tax are always active.

    Your insurance coverage will allow you to make an insurance claim in the event of a road crash.

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