How To Renew Roadtax: Bjak, MySikap, JPJ

It is mandatory for motor vehicle owners to have a valid roadtax. Learn in this article how and where to renew roadtax, online and offline.

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Every motor vehicle owner in Malaysia must renew their roadtax every year to legally drive on Malaysian public roads. If this is your first time renewing your roadtax, you may find the renewal process a tad bit complicated. Some of the questions you may have may include:

What is the roadtax renewal process? Will it be taking a long time to get roadtax renewed? Where can I go to renew it? Is offline or online roadtax renewal easier?

Read on as we answer those questions in this article.

Checklist before roadtax renewal

Check roadtax expiry date

The first thing you need to check is your roadtax expiry date.

You can simply check your roadtax expiry date online via the Road Transport Department (JPJ)’s website.

Ensure your vehicle is free from summonses

Clear your summonses. Note that you are not allowed to proceed with roadtax renewal, if you have any outstanding summonses.

You can check your traffic summonses online through The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) or JPJ’s website:

  1. PDRM: MyBayar Saman
  2. JPJ: Inquiry of Blacklist

Renew roadtax online at Bjak

You can easily renew your insurance and roadtax online at Bjak. Compare up to 15 insurance quotes, select your preferred policy and get your insurance and roadtax renewed in 5 minutes.

Below are the simple steps to renew your insurance and roadtax online at Bjak.

Renew roadtax online at Bjak
*Delivery: West Malaysia: RM20 (next working day); East Malaysia: RM20 (within 5 working days)

Renew roadtax online at MySikap

You may also use MySikap, a platform by JPJ, for roadtax renewal. Other than renewing roadtax, you may use MySikap to change vehicle ownership, buy license plate numbers and view traffic summonses.

These are the steps to get your roadtax renewed at MySikap.

Renew roadtax at MySikap

Renew roadtax at JPJ

If you would like to renew roadtax for any of the vehicles below, you are required to go to any JPJ branch:

  1. E-hailing vehicles
  2. Vehicles with expired roadtax exceeding 3 years from the expiry date (You need to get vehicle inspection at PUSPAKOM)
  3. The vehicle owner has passed away. In this case, roadtax is allowed to be renewed for only 6 months

You need to present your identity card or MyKad for roadtax renewal of any of the above vehicles at any JPJ branch.

Renew roadtax at Pejabat Pos

If you prefer manual roadtax renewal, you can do so at any nearby Pos Malaysia branch.

Which is the easiest way to renew roadtax?

We have shared above the steps to renew roadtax, both online and offline.

It is highly recommended for you to get your insurance and roadtax renewed online through Bjak, Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison site. You can easily compare up to 15 car insurance quotes for free, and get your insurance and roadtax renewed in just 5 minutes. You can remain at home as Bjak will deliver your roadtax right to your doorstep.