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Latest Car Roadtax Prices in Malaysia (2022)

    Latest car roadtax prices in Malaysia (2021)

    It is mandatory for every car owner in Malaysia to have a valid Motor Vehicle License (LKM) or roadtax to legally drive on Malaysian public roads. In order to help you gauge the amount you have to pay for your roadtax, we share in this article the latest car roadtax prices for private cars in West and East Malaysia.

    Note that roadtax prices in Malaysia vary based on vehicle engine capacity, geographical location, vehicle body type and vehicle ownership. Now let us jump into the roadtax prices for a range of car brands and models.

    Quick guide: Use the search function on your browser, or click on your car brand below to quickly find the roadtax price for your car.

    Car Brand

    Great WallChevrolet

    Roadtax prices for Perodua (2022)

    PeroduaWest MalaysiaSabah & Sarawak
    Axia 1.0RM20.00RM20.00
    Alza 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Aruz 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Bezza 1.0RM20.00RM20.00
    Bezza 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Kembara 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Myvi 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Myvi 1.5RM90.00RM72.00
    Rusa 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Rusa 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Viva 1.0RM20.00RM20.00
    Car roadtax price list (Perodua)

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    Roadtax prices for Proton (2022)

    ProtonWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Exora 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Ertiga 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Gen2 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Gen2 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Iswara 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Iswara 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Inspira 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Inspira 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Iriz 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Iriz 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Perdana 2.0RM378.50RM237.25
    Perdana 2.4RM734.00RM451.00
    Persona 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Preve 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Saga 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    Saga 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Savvy 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    Satria Neo 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Satria Neo GTi 1.8RM297.00RM232.50
    Wira 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    Wira 1.5RM90.00 RM56.00
    Wira 1.8RM297.00RM232.50
    Waja 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    X50 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    X70 1.8RM279.60RM223.68
    Car roadtax price list (Proton)

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    Roadtax prices for Honda (2022)

    HondaWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Accord 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Accord 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    Accord 2.4RM736.00RM452.00
    BR-V 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    City 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Civic 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    Civic 1.5RM90.00 RM56.00
    Civic 1.7RM227.20RM181.76
    Civic 1.8RM279.60RM223.68
    Civic 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Civic 2.0 Type-RRM379.00RM273.50
    CR-V 1.5 RM90.00RM56.00
    CR-V 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    C-HR 1.8 RM360.00RM199.00
    Elysion 2.4RM734.00RM451.00
    Freed 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    HR-V 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    HR-V 1.8RM279.60RM223.68
    Integra 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Insight 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    Jazz 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Jazz Hybrid 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Odyssey 2.2RM536.00RM352.00
    Odyssey 2.4RM736.00RM452
    Stream 1.8RM279.60RM223.68
    Stream 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    CR-Z 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (Honda)

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    Roadtax prices for Toyota (2022)

    ToyotaWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Alphard 2.4RM742.00RM455.00
    Alphard 2.5RM873.00RM520.50
    Alphard 3.0RM2117.50RM1019.00
    Alphard 3.5RM4182.00RM1639.60
    Altis 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Avanza 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    Avanza 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Caldina 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Camry 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    Camry 2.2RM543.00RM355.50
    Camry 2.4RM742.00RM455.00
    Camry 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    CH-R 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Corolla Altis 1.8RM279.20 RM223.36
    Estima 2.4RM773.00RM470.50
    Estima 3.5RM4182.00RM1639.60
    Fortuner 2.4RM773.00RM470.50
    Fortuner 2.7RM1365.00RM718.00
    Harrier 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Harrier 2.3RM740.00RM454.00
    Harrier V6 3.0RM2,115.00RM1,018.00
    Hilux 2.4RM773.00RM470.50
    Hilux 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    Hilux 2.8RM1517.50RM779.00
    Hilux 3.0RM2085.00RM1006.00
    Hiace 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    Hiace 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    Hiace 2.7RM1365.00RM718.00
    Innova 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    RAV4 2.0RM373.50RM270.75
    Rush 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Sienta 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Unser 1.8RM272.40RM217.92
    Vellfire 2.4RM729.69RM410.00
    Vellfire 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    Vios 1.5RM90.00 RM56.00
    Wish 1.8RM278.80RM223.04
    Wish 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Wald 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    Yaris 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (Toyota)

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    Roadtax prices for Naza (2022)

    NazaWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Bestari  1.4RM90.00RM56.00
    Citra 2.0RM367.50RM267.75
    Ria 2.5RM877.00RM522.50
    Rondo 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Sorento 2.4RM739.00RM453.50
    Sorento 2.5RM877.00RM522.50
    Suria 1.1RM55.00RM44.00
    Car roadtax price list (Naza)

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    Roadtax prices for Audi (2022)

    AudiWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    A1 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    A3 1.5RM70.00 RM56.00
    A4 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    A5 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    A6 2.0RM372.00 RM270.00
    A6 3.0RM2117.50RM1019.00
    A7 3.0RM2117.50RM1019.00
    A8 3.0RM2117.50 RM1019.00
    Q2 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Q3 1.4RM70.00 RM56.00
    Q5 2.0RM372.00RM270
    Q7 3.0RM2117.50RM1019.00
    R8 5.2RM12048.00RM3999.40
    RS-3 2.5RM860.00RM514.00
    RS-5 2.9RM1865.00RM918.00
    RS-7 4.0RM6598.50RM2364.55
    TT 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    Car roadtax price list (Audi)

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    Roadtax prices for Great Wall (2022)

    Great WallWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    M4 1.5RM120.00RM72.00
    Car roadtax price (Great Wall)

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    Roadtax prices for Chevrolet (2022)

    ChevroletWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Aveo 1.5RM90.00RM72.00
    Captiva 2.0RM358.00RM263.00
    Colorado 2.5RM879.00RM523.50
    Colorado 2.8RM1570.00RM800.00
    Cruze 1.8RM278.40RM222.72
    Malibu 2.4RM764.00RM466.00
    Orlando 1.8RM278.40RM222.72
    Sonic 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Sonic Sedan 1.4RM70.00 RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (Chevrolet)

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    Roadtax prices for Nissan (2022)

    NissanWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    370Z Coupe 3.7RM5262.00RM1963.60
    370Z Roadster 3.7RM5262.00 RM1963.60
    Almera 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Elgrand 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    Fairlady 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    Frontier 2.5 4WD RM868.00RM518.00
    Grand Livina 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Grand Livina 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Latio 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Latio 1.8 RM279.20RM223.36
    Liberty 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Murano 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    Navara 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    NV350 Urvan 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    Sylphy 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Sylphy 2.0RM378.50RM224.00
    Serena 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    Sentra 1.6 RM 90.00RM56.00
    Teana 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    Teana 2.5 V6 Premium RM868.00RM518.00
    Vanette .1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    X-TRAIL 2.0 RM378.50RM273.25
    X-TRAIL 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    Car roadtax price list (Nissan)

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    Roadtax prices for Mitsubishi (2022)

    MitsubishiWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Attrage 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    Airtrek 2.0 Turbo RM378.50RM273.25
    ASX 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Chariot 2.4RM734.00RM451.00
    Grandis 2.4RM758.00RM463.00
    Lancer 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Lancer Sportback 2.4RM740.00RM454.00
     Mirage 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    Outlander 2.4RM740.00RM454.00
    Pajero 2.5RM857.00RM512.50
    Pajero  L047 2.6RM1017.50RM579.00
    Pajero IO 1.8RM297.00RM232.50
    Triton 2.4RM822.00RM495.00
    Triton 2.5RM857.00RM512.00
    Car roadtax price list (Mitsubishi)

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    Roadtax prices for Kia (2022)

    KiaWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Cerato 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Cerato 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    Forte 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Forte Koup 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    Forte 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Grand CarnivalRM579.00RM373.50
    Optima 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Picanto 1.2RM70.00RM56.00
    Pregio 2.7RM1292.50RM689
    Spectra 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Stinger 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Stinger 3.3 V6RM3669.00RM1485.70
    Sportage 2.0RM377.50RM272.75
    Sorento 2.2RM579.00RM373.50
    Car roadtax price list (Kia)

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    Roadtax prices for Ford (2022)

    FordWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Econovan 1.4RM90.00RM56.00
    Econovan 2.2RM564.00RM366.00
    Ecosport 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Fiesta 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Fiesta 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Focus 2.0 RM379.50RM273.75
    Lynx 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    Ranger 2.2RM578.00RM373.00
    Ranger 2.5RM879.00RM523.50
    Ranger 3.2RM3021.00RM1291.30
    Spectron 1.8RM279.60RM223.68
    Car roadtax price list (Ford)

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    Roadtax prices for Chery (2022)

    CheryWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    B14 2.4RM730.00RM243.00
    Eastar 2.0RM365.50RM199.00
    Tiggo 1.6RM120.00RM60.00
    Car roadtax price list (Chery)

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    Roadtax prices for Subaru (2022)

    SubaruWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    BRZ 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Forester 2.0RM377.50RM272.75
    Impreza 2.0RM377.00RM224.00
    XV 2.0RM438.00RM241.90
    Legacy Sedan 2.5RM837.00RM502.50
    Legacy Wagon 2.5RM837.00RM502.50
    Outback 2.5RM878.00RM523.00
    WRX 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    WRX 2.5RM837.00RM502.50
    Car roadtax price list (Subaru)

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    Roadtax prices for Volkswagen (2022)

    VolkswagenWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Beetle 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    EOS T FSI  2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    Golf TSI 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Golf GTI 2.0RM380.00RM274.00
    Golf RRM372.00RM270
    Jetta 1.4RM70.00 RM56.00
    Passat 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    Passat 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    Polo 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    Scirocco 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Scirocco RRM372.00RM270.00
    Tiguan 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Tiguan 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    Touareg 3.0RM2047.50RM991.00
    Touareg 3.6 V6RM4816.50RM1829.95
    Vento 1.2TSIRM55.00RM44.00
    Vento 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Wald 2.0RM372.00RM270.00
    Car roadtax price list (Volkswagen)

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    Roadtax prices for Suzuki (2022)

    SuzukiWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    APV 1.5RM90.00 RM56.00
    APV 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Alto 1.0RM20.00RM20.00
    Grand Vitara 2.0RM377.50RM272.75
    Jimny 1.3RM100.00RM50.00
    Kizashi 2.4 RM773.00 RM470.50
    SX4 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    S-Cross 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Swift 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Swift 1.5RM90.00RM72.00
    Swift Sport 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    SX4 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Vitara 2.0RM377.50RM272.75
    Car roadtax price list (Suzuki)

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    Roadtax prices for Citroen (2022)

    CitroenWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    DS4 1.6RM90.00RM72.00
    DS5 1.6RM90.00RM72.00
    Car roadtax price list (Citroen)

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    Roadtax prices for Mazda (2022)

    MazdaWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Mazda 2 Hatchback & Sedan 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Mazda 3 Hatchback & Sedan 1.5RM90.00 RM56.00
    Mazda 3 Hatchback & Sedan 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Mazda 5 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    Mazda 6 Sedan 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    Mazda 6 Sedan 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    Mazda 6 Grand Touring 2.5RM868.00 RM518.00
    BT-50 2.2RM578.00RM373.00
    Mazda BT-50 3.2RM3021.00RM1291.30
    Mazda CX-3 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Mazda CX5 2.0RM439.20RM273.50
    Mazda CX-5 2.2RM571.00RM369.50
    Mazda CX-5 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    Mazda CX-9 2.5RM868.00 RM518.00
    Mazda CX-8 2.2RM571.00RM369.50
    Mazda CX-8 2.5RM868.00RM518.00
    Mazda MX-5RM379.00RM273.50
    Mazda 2 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Mazda 8 2.3RM648.80RM404.00
    Car roadtax price list (Mazda)

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    Roadtax prices for Hyundai (2022)

    HyundaiWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Elantra 1.8RM278.00RM224.00
    Elantra 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    Getz 1.4RM70.00RM56.00
    Grand Starex 2.5RM877.00RM522.50
    Genesis 3.8RM5631.00RM2074.30
    i10 1.0RM55.00RM44.00
    i10 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    i30 1.8RM278.80RM223.04
    i30 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    i40 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    Ioniq 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Matrix 1.6RM90.00RM60.00
    Sonata 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi RM579.00RM373.50
    Santa Fe 2.4 4WD RM739.00RM453.50
    Tucson 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Tucson 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    Veloster 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (Hyundai)

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    Roadtax prices for Inokom (2022)

    InokomWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Atos 1.1RM55.00RM44.00
    Elantra 1.6RM90.00RM72.00
    Elantra 1.8RM278.80RM224.00
    I10 1.1RM55.00RM44.00
    Santa FE 2.2RM599.20RM243.00
    Car roadtax price list (Inokom)

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    Roadtax price for Foton (2022)

    FotonWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    View 2.8RM1273.60RM463.00
    Car roadtax price (Foton)

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    Roadtax prices for SsangYong (2022)

    SsangYongWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    Actyon Sports 200XV 2.0RM439.20RM199.00
    Rexton  2.3RM676.00RM243.00
    Rexton 3.2RM1958.40RM903.00
    Car roadtax price list (SsangYong)

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    Roadtax prices for Peugeot (2022)

    PeugeotWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    208 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    208 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    208 GTi 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    3008 THP 1.6RM120.00RM60.00
    308 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    408 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    408 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    508 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    508 2.2RM577.00RM372.50
    508 SW 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    508 SW 2.2RM577.00RM372.50
    2008 1.2RM55.00RM44.00
    2008 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    3008 1.6 RM90.00 RM56.00
    5008 1.6 RM90.00 RM56.00
    RCZ 1.6 RM90.00 RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (Peugeot)

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    Roadtax prices for Isuzu (2022)

    IsuzuWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    D-Max 1.9RM329.00RM248.50
    D-Max 2.5RM879.00RM523.50
    D-Max 3.0RM2127.50RM1023.00
    Mu-X 2.5RM879.00RM523.50
    Car roadtax price list (Isuzu)

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    Roadtax prices for BMW (2022)

    BMWWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    3 Series 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    3 Series 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    3 Series 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    4 Series 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    4 Series 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    5 Series 2.0RM377.50RM272.75
    5 Series 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    6 Series 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    6 Series 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    6 Series 4.4RM8421.00RM2911.30
    7 Series 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    7 Series 3.0RM2125.00RM1022.00
    8 Series 4.4RM8407.50RM2907.25
    i8 1.5 RM90.00 RM56.00
    i8 1.5 RM90.00 RM56.00
    M2 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    M3 3.0RM2077.50 RM1003.00
    M4 3.0RM2077.50 RM1003.00
    M5 4.4RM8407.50RM2907.25
    M5 4.4RM8407.50 RM2907.25
    M6 4.4RM8407.50 RM2907.25
    X1 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    X2 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    X3 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    X4 2.0RM379.00 RM273.50
    X5 2.0RM378.50RM273.25
    X5 3.0RM2125.00RM1022.00
    X6 3.0RM2077.50RM1003.00
    X6 4.4RM8407.50RM2907.25
    X7 3.0RM2125.00RM1022.00
    E46 2.5RM874.00RM274.00
    M3 Sedan 760Li 4.0RM6625.50RM1025.00
    3-Series coupe 325i 2.5RM877.00RM274.00
    530 3.0RM2120.00RM1003.00
    525 2.5RM874.00RM274.00
    528 2.0RM378.50RM224.00
    523 2.5RM877.00RM274.00
    320 2.0RM375.50RM224.00
    3161 1.6RM90.00RM72.00
    318I 2.0RM377.50RM224.00
    325 2.0RM377.50RM224.00
    325i 2.5RM877.00RM274.00
    320i 2.2RM551.00RM274.00
    Car roadtax price list (BMW)

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    Roadtax prices for Volvo (2022)

    VolvoWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    S60 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    S60 2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    S80 2.0 RM379.50RM273.75
    S90 2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    V40 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    V40 2.0RM 372.00RM266.25
    V60 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    V60 2.0RM379.50RM273.75
    V90 2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    XC40 2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    XC60  2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    XC90 2.0RM364.50RM266.25
    XC90 2.5RM 932.50RM463.00
    Car roadtax price list (Volvo)

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    Roadtax prices for Mercedes-Benz (2022)

    Mercedes-BenzWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    A-Class 1.3RM70.00RM56.00
    A-Class 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    A-Class 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    A-Class 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    A-Class Sedan 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    A-Class Sedan 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    B-Class 1.3RM70.00 RM56.00
    B-Class 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    CLA 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    CLA 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    CLA 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    GLA 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    GLA 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    AMG GLA 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    C-Class 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    C-Class 1.6RM90.00 RM56.00
    C-Class 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    C-Class 2.1 AMGRM528.00RM348.00
    C-Class 3.0 AMGRM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG C-Class 4.0RM6549RM2349.70
    C-Class Coupe 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    C-Class Coupe 1.8RM278.40RM222.72
    C-Class Coupe 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    AMG C-Class Coupe 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG C-Class Coupe 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    AMG C-Class Coupe 6.2RM16566.00RM5354.80
    C-Class Cabriolet 2.0 RM375.50 RM271.75
    GLC 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    AMG GLC 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG GLC 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    GLC Coupe 2.0 RM375.50 RM271.75
    AMG GLC Coupe 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG GLC Coupe 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    E-Class 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    E-Class 2.1RM523.00RM345.50
    E-Class 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG E-Class 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    E-Class Coupe 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
     E-Class Cabriolet 2.0RM375.50RM271.75
    CLS 2.0 RM375.50 RM271.75
    CLS 3.0RM2127.50RM1023.00
    CLS 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    AMG CLS 3.0RM2127.50RM1023.00
    GLE 2.0RM2127.50RM1023
    GLE 2.1RM523.00RM345.50
    GLE 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    GLE 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    GLE Coupe 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG GLE Coupe 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    R-ClassRM2120.00 RM1020.00
    S-Class 3.0RM2120.00 RM1020.00
    S-Class 3.5RM4371RM1696.30
    Maybach S-Class 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    AMG S-Class Coupe 4.0RM6549.00 RM2,349.70
    S-Class Cabriolet 4.0RM6549.00 RM2349.70
    SL-Class 3.5RM4371.00RM1696.30
    SLS AMG 6.2RM16566RM5354.80
    SLS AMG RoadsterRM16566RM5354.80
    GLS 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    AMG G-Class 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    AMG G-Class 5.5RM13204.50RM4346.35
    V-Class 2.1RM523.00RM345.50
    SLC 1.8RM278.40RM222.72
    SLC 2.0RM375.50RM 271.75
    SLC AMG 3.0RM2120.00RM1020.00
    SLC AMG 5.5RM13204.50RM4346.35
    AMG GT 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    AMG GT 4-Door 4.0RM6549.00RM2349.70
    Car roadtax price list (Mercedes-Benz)

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    Roadtax prices for Lexus (2022)

    LexusWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    CT 1.8RM279.20RM223.36
    ES 2.5RM867.00RM517.50
    GS 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    GS 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    GS 3.5RM4182.00RM1639.60
    GS F 5.0RM10990.50RM3682.15
    IS 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    IS 2.5RM874.00RM521.00
    LC 5.0RM10990.50RM3682.15
    LS 3.5RM4132.50RM1624.75
    LX 5.7RM14113.50RM4619.05
    NX 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    RC 3.5RM4182.00RM1639.60
    RC F 5.0RM10990.50RM3682.15
    RX 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    UX 2.0RM373.50RM270.75
    Car roadtax price list (Lexus)

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    Roadtax prices for MINI (2022)

    MINIWest Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak
    3 Door 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    3 Door 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    5 Door 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    5 Door 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Clubman 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Clubman 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Clubman 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Countryman 1.5RM90.00RM56.00
    Countryman 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Countryman 2.0RM379.00RM273.50
    Coupe 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Paceman 1.6RM90.00RM56.00
    Car roadtax price list (MINI)

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