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Merdeka holiday: Things you can do in three days and more

    72 hours, or three days is not long enough to get anything done, and as Malaysia scoots closer towards reopening essential services, we may just be spending the last few days at home before reintroducing ourselves to the world again.

    With the looming long weekend just around the corner, if you want to accomplish something instead of just lazing in bed, enjoy our list of 6 things you can do within the time frame of three days.

    #1 Binge watch a TV series

    Are you one of the select few who have yet to watch Game of Thrones? Or what happens after The Big Bang Theory, then catch-up on all the episodes with a three-day marathon. Get your Super Ring and Teh-o-ais ready because it’ll be a long three-days.

    #2 Go on a juice cleanse

    Why not start a detox or juice cleanse to re-energize yourself? Three days should be enough to flush toxins and everything else out within three days.

    How do you start? Try simple juices like apple + pineapple + lemon and mint for starters.

    #3 Write a chart topper

    Elton John wrote “Your Song” in 30 minutes, Taylor Swift wrote “Out of The Woods” around the same time. Paul McCartney wrote “Let it be” in his sleep.

    If they can do it, why can’t you write the chords, vocal melody, hook, and lyrics in three days? A song is full of “mmmmmm” and “baby” anyway, unless if it rap.

    #4 Re-read Harry Potter’s seventh book

    A lot of mysteries are revealed in the seventh Harry Potter novel. So Accio! book and start reading.

    #5 Buy insurance

    From a quotation which takes 5-minutes, to getting complete life insurance within three days, buying insurance and getting insured is made possible with

    So what are you waiting for? Get free quotation by customizing your own insurance plan that starts at RM150 with coverage of up to RM1.5 million. Plan your life beyond the three days afforded to you worry free of unexpected and expensive medical expenses.

    #6 Shopping!

    While you are online, purchasing insurance at, do a spot of shopping at your favourite online shopping site.

    We are sure the Merdeka sales are just around the corner, so start spending!

    Have your own ideas on how to best spend three days and achieve something? Share it with us in the comments’ section below.