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No sugar coating: How expensive is diabetes?

    Lay off the sugar, they tell you. Live a healthier life, they say. But trust us when we say these warnings will not stop you from downing that oh-so sweet teh tarik nor would it be the jolt you need to get out of your bed and do something active for once.

    You need a different motivation for diabetes. We can talk about the numbers affected (1 in 5 Malaysians), but we’re sure you’d be more interested to know more about the costs.

    Here is our list of things you may have to pay, if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Remember, treatment is long term and it is NOT CHEAP!

    #1 Constant medication

    There are two types of diabetes – type I and type II. For each type, a different medication is required. Type I is typically equipped with insulin to help regulate blood sugar, while type II is given medication that helps the body use insulin more effectively.

    You’re looking at anywhere between RM30 and RM200 a month for insulin (or free at your government hospital), not including your equipment to administer shots and monitor blood sugar level. If you were to include medication and supplements, you will spend RM500 to RM1,000 a month!

    #2 Medical tests

    Diabetes is deadly and result in other complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, stroke and amputation, hence why there is a need to go through medical tests and screenings to detect early warning signs.

    How much would a comprehensive medical examination cost? You are looking at RM230 for the basic package, and above for more specific ones. Mind you, this is not a one-time thing, and will be performed periodically.

    #3 Exuberant care

    You are not only limited to spend on diabetic medication alone, with diabetes your immune system, for example, will be weakened. This means that you are susceptible to sickness and frequent visits to the hospital.

    Diabetic experts can help you out, which means paying for the consultation; A cost that can easily add up. For type II diabetes, categorized as a progressive illness, changes are expected overtime, and this is where consultation with an expert is important.

    #4 Challenges to your lifestyle

    Sure, it may not be a complete overhaul, but diabetes alters lifestyles – from your day-to-day activities, work and even time spent to socialize. The first lifestyle change is, of course, your diet. There is now a need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that maintains a stable blood sugar level.

    As a diabetic, you tire faster, hence activities that you usually do can no longer be done. This means that you may not take a second job to cover expenses meant for your diabetic treatment. What other options do you have?

    Prepare early and get insurance. Choose Bjak and get the coverage you deserve. After all, it only takes 90 seconds for you to get an insurance plan that is suitable for you.