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Top Travel Insurance Tips For Budget Travellers

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    The holiday season is around the corner, and many are already planning to go on vacations to take time off from work and school. But let’s face reality. Travelling is not an option for many people as it involves a lot of spending, such as transportation, hotel, meals, and insurance.

    Although spending is a given when it comes to travelling, there are ways to save money and travel smart if you make the right adjustments to your trip. This starts with finding the right travel insurance policy when preparing for your trip. Here, we share top tips to help you save money on insurance and be a better budget traveller.

    Prioritise essentials

    As a budget traveller, you should prioritise essential coverage over non-essential ones. An ideal policy must cover key areas like trip cancellation/interruption, medical emergencies, baggage loss or delay and flight delays for a hassle-free journey. Hence, skip add-ons that you don’t need when travelling, for example, pet care and sports equipment, if you aren’t bringing any of them with you.

    Compare plans

    As with every insurance policy, you should never settle for the first travel insurance plan you come across, whether online or offline. Compare multiple plans from different providers to find the most cost-effective option that meets your needs. While comparing may take a bit of your time, it helps you snag awesome deals that you could miss if you settle for the first plan you come across.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is by using online insurance platforms like Bjak, which lets you compare multiple travel policies for free. With up to 10 reputable brands in the market, finding your ideal travel coverage for vacations is never a hassle.

    Review coverage limits

    Another tip for budget-friendly travel is checking the coverage limits for every aspect of your policy. Make sure the amount is sufficient for the type of travel you plan to do and the destinations you’ll visit. For example, international trips cost more than local ones, so your policy should offer the appropriate coverage for them.

    As you’re reviewing, read the fine print of your travel policy to understand the terms and conditions. Be aware of any exclusions and limitations to avoid surprises when you need to make a claim later.

    Shop online

    Buying travel insurance online is the way forward when looking for cheaper travel policies. Though travel agencies used to be the go-to options for anything travel-related, things have started changing in recent years as more and more people are finding it convenient to use independent online platforms to book flights and travel coverage.

    Online alternatives not only let you compare options and find the best deal, but they also come with better discounts and rewards that you can benefit from.

    Travel in a group

    Though solo travels are all the rage these days, group travelling is a great alternative for those who wish to be on a budget. Group travel policies can often be more cost-effective than individual plans because insurance companies provide bundle deals and discounts that typically only include group travelling.

    So, if you’re travelling with friends or family, consider getting a group policy instead of individual plans to save money.

    Avoid peak seasons

    Travelling during off-peak seasons is one of the best ways to save on trip costs and insurance premiums, as policies are often cheaper when the risk of disruptions is lower. Since festival seasons and school holidays are two of the most popular travel periods, trip cancellations, delays, and other inconveniences are higher.

    If you want to be on a budget, avoid these times, as insurance providers tend to charge more for premiums than other times of the year.

    Travelling on a budget

    While saving money is essential for budget travellers, keep in mind that the goal should be having adequate coverage to protect you in case of unexpected events.

    Balance your budget constraints with the level of coverage you need for a worry-free journey. This is key to travelling smarter without compromising your safety.

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Get your free insurance quote from Bjak today!

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