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Unlicenced Underage Driving: Two Teenagers Killed Daily On Average

    Unlicenced Underage Driving

    At least two teenagers are killed or seriously injured daily from driving or riding without a license between January and March of 2022, according to data released from Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department.

    The three months period recorded 157 motorcycle accidents and 623 car crashes involving the underaged.

    Out of those riding motorcycles, 30 under the age of 16 have died. On top of that, 46 were seriously injured and 81 were left with minor injuries.

    Meanwhile, in car accidents, 9 under the age of 18 have died, 59 were seriously injured and 555 were left with minor injuries.

    8,484 accidents involving teenagers driving and riding without licence in less than 5 years

    As of March this year, Malaysia recorded a total of 8,484 accidents involving unlicensed underaged drivers and motorcyclists since 2018. Out of those, 2,617 cases resulted in serious injuries or fatal accidents.

    Nearly half a million summonses – a total of 444,922 – were issued to underage drivers in less than five years between 2018 and March this year.

    In the first three months of 2022, PDRM has issued 15,424 summons to unlicensed motorcyclists under 16 years old and to owners of the motorcycles. Meanwhile, 8,601 summons were issued to drivers aged below 18.

    Be careful against unlicenced underage driving

    It is a serious offence if you are caught driving without a valid driving licence. The penalty is a fine not exceeding MYR 1,000 and/or three months in jail.

    In such cases, parental monitoring can be the key to addressing these worrying unlicenced underage driving activities. For example, parents can be involved in their teenagers’ activities, especially those who have yet to obtain legal permission to ride or drive themselves. Be more proactive in lessening the alarming statistics!

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