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Comprehensive Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

    Comprehensive car insurance - cover

    Car owners have three types of insurance plans in the market. They are comprehensive (1st party), third-party, fire and theft, and third-party (basic). Among these plans, a comprehensive insurance plan is the best because it offers a range of benefits than the other two.

    But complete coverage often comes with a higher premium that can leave vehicle owners wondering about the need to get one in the first place.

    In this article, we will share everything you need to know about comprehensive car insurance policies, including how they work and who it is for, for a better understanding.

    Comprehensive car insurance

    Comprehensive insurance, also known as 1st party insurance, offers the most inclusive protection to policyholders. The policy provides financial protection if your car is damaged for reasons other than an accident, such as natural disasters, fire, theft or riots.

    Here is a quick summary of what it covers, what it doesn’t and how the policy typically works:

    What is included?

    A comprehensive policy offers protection for the following, in addition to the damages resulting from a self-inflicted accident:

    • Vehicle theft
    • Accidental fire
    • Damage due to public riots (with riot & civil commotion add-on)
    • Damage natural disasters (with special perils add-on)
    • Windshield damage
    • Hitting an animal
    • Self-inflicted damage (hitting a road divider, traffic lights, etc.)
    • Third-party car damage
    • Third-party injury/death

    What is not included?

    Comprehensive doesn’t automatically translate to full coverage, as several exclusions exist. In most cases, a comprehensive policy doesn’t provide cover for the following:

    1. Policyholder’s death or injury resulting from accidents due to own negligence

    2. Loss of personal items due to theft

    3. Injury of passengers

    How does it work?

    Suppose your vehicle gets into an accident and is covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. You phone up the insurer to file a claim. When the claim is approved, you must pay your deductible. Your insurer will then cover the remaining expenses approved for repairs.

    If the total repair cost due to a self-inflicted accident is RM8,000 and the deductible is RM500, you will pay the RM500 on your own. Your insurance company will pay the remaining RM7,500.

    Car insurance policy

    Is it worth taking comprehensive insurance?

    This depends on the person and the car’s condition (market value). In Malaysia, a comprehensive policy is mandatory for vehicles still under a bank loan. It ensures the car gets the best protection if something unexpected happens.

    Usually, if you have a new car, the cost of repairing or replacing damaged parts is high. So, it is recommended to consider a comprehensive policy to avoid financial burden. Likewise, if you drive an old car that is 15 years old or above, it is better to go for a third-party theft and fire policy instead.

    Pros of comprehensive coverage:

    • Own damage claim
    • Allows for add-on protection
    • Unrestricted claims (excluding theft & fire)

    Cons of comprehensive coverage:

    • It does not cover personal injuries
    • Requires payment of the deductible
    • Pricier than third-party policies
    Comprehensive coverage

    Who should get comprehensive insurance?

    Comprehensive coverage is suitable for cars that are ten years old and below. Older cars are cheaper to repair and have lower market value, so they don’t need this plan.

    In other words, not all require comprehensive coverage. The age limit set by the insurance company also determines who can and cannot afford this policy. But the following situations can help you decide if it’s suitable for you:

    • You are unable to bear the cost of repairs if something unexpected happens
    • Your car is ten years old or below
    • Other people, such as your spouse, siblings or friends, often drive your car
    • You want to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive policy

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