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PrOmilej Car Insurance: What It Includes And Why You Need It?

    Promilej Car Insurance plan by Pacific & Orient

    Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why am I spending so much on vehicle insurance when I don’t drive that much? The thing is, most auto insurance plans out there are somewhat standard.

    They offer a set amount of coverage regardless of how much or little you drive. So, folks who drive less often don’t benefit from a typical insurance plan.

    But with PrOmilej by Pacific & Orient, you don’t need to waste money unnecessarily on car insurance. It is specifically tailored for car owners who drive less, with up to 40% savings.

    Drive less, save more

    PrOmilej is an insurance plan for private cars by Pacific & Orient. It offers all the benefits of a comprehensive plan but for less. Depending on your mileage, the plan enables you to save money while getting the right coverage for your car.

    There are three plans to choose from under this insurance policy:

    Plan 1

    This plan offers the most savings at a whopping 40% savings on your insurance premium for annual mileage less than 5,000 km. So, if you drive once in a blue moon, this is the plan you should select.

    Plan 2

    The second plan offers 20% savings on insurance premiums for annual mileage less than 10,000 km. It is suitable for most people who drive to work regularly.

    Plan 3

    The third and perhaps the plan with the least savings. If you easily exceed 10,000 km a year, this plan can still offer 10% savings, provided your annual mileage is less than 15,000 km.

    The table below illustrates examples of insurance premiums that car owners have to pay for the respective plans:

    PrOmilej car insurance summarised

    Image credit: Pacific & Orient

    Let’s say you own a Perodua Myvi and drive less than 5,000 km a year. Then, with PrOmilej, you can save up to 40% on your basic insurance premium and only have to pay RM342. Car owners are also eligible for the No-Claim Discount even if they sign up for PrOmilej over a normal insurance plan.

    Key features of this insurance plan:

    • Coverage against any loss or damage to your vehicle within your covered distance – comprehensive cover.
    • Third-party cover, regardless of distance
    • Top up the mileage to your plan anywhere, anytime
    • Extra mileage of 500km, if you exceed your plan’s mileage
    • 24/7 accident/breakdown total assist, with free towing up to RM350

    Optional benefits

    You can purchase additional benefits for your car by paying additional premium fees, so you are covered against any mishaps. The other benefits offered are:

    • Windscreens, windows and the sunroof
    • Special perils, such as floods, landslides and earthquakes
    • Strikes, riots and civil commotion
    • Passenger Liability Cover

    Get PrOmilej car insurance

    Paying a hefty amount for car insurance can be burdensome when you don’t drive that much. That’s why insurers like Pacific & Orient offer special plans like PrOmilej that create more value for car owners in the long run.

    To learn more about this insurance plan, visit Pacific & Orient’s website to read the FAQs and full terms and conditions.

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