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Emergency Hotlines Of Car Insurance Companies

    Emergency hotlines of car insurance companies in Malaysia

    Car breakdowns on the road can be daunting and potentially dangerous. But if you ever find yourself in the situation, do not panic. Quickly and safely move your car away from the travel lanes as soon as possible and immediately call your insurance company. Roadside assistance may cost you money but fortunately, most insurance and takaful companies provide free car towing for comprehensive insurance policyholders. However, you will have to check with your insurer on the road assistance services offered as services may vary across insurers. In order to help you quickly reach out to your insurer for help, we share in this post the emergency hotlines of car insurance companies in Malaysia.

    Emergency hotlines of car insurance companies in Malaysia

    Allianz – 1 800 22 5542

    Tokio Marine – 1 800 88 1301

    MSIG – 1 300 88 0833

    Zurich – 1 300 88 6222

    Liberty – 1 300 88 5005

    Lonpac – 1 300 88 1138

    Pacific & Orient – 1 800 88 2121

    RHB – 1 300 88 0881

    MPI Generali – 1 800 22 2262

    AIG – 1 800 88 8811

    Kurnia – 1 800 88 3833

    AXA – 1 800 88 1033

    AmAssurance – 1 800 88 6333

    AIA – 1 800 88 8733

    Chubb – 1 300 88 0218 

    Berjaya Sompo – 1 800 18 8033

    Takaful Malaysia – 1 800 88 8788

    Etiqa Takaful – 1 800 88 6491

    Takaful Ikhlas – 1 800 88 1186

    Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC)

    Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC) hotline 15-500

    Other than calling your insurance provider, you may also reach out to the Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC) through their hotline at 15500. This service is provided by insurers and takaful operators in order to provide immediate roadside assistance to vehicle owners in the event of road accidents.

    For your information, the AACC’s hotline is available 24 hours covering the following services, nationwide:

    • Emergency roadside assistance
    • Towing service (chargeable)
    • Reviewing your insurance coverage and connecting you with your insurer
    • General motor insurance claim enquiries
    • Accident procedural enquiries
    • Notification of complaints
    • Notification of frauds

    Prepare yourself and get your car insured adequately

    You may think that a car accident may not happen to you, but it is actually common for car breakdowns to happen on the road. Therefore, as a car owner, you need to be prepared should your car break down. For instance, you are encouraged to keep the emergency hotline of your car insurance, in case you need any emergency help on the road.

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    Emergency hotlines of car insurance companies in Malaysia
    Contact your insurer immediately if your car breaks down on the road. Find the emergency hotline of your car insurance provider in this post.