How to Renew Car Insurance

Is your car insurance expiring soon? In this article, we show you how to renew car insurance.

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When it comes to renewing car insurance, you can choose to do it either online or offline. For your guide, we are going to explain both ways to renew car insurance in this article.

Renew car insurance online through insurance comparison sites

Renew car insurance online through insurance comparison sites
Use insurance comparison sites to renew car insurance online

To secure the most coverage at the best price, we recommend you use insurance comparison sites. These sites enable you to easily obtain and compare quotations from multiple insurers. One of the biggest insurance comparison sites in Malaysia is Bjak.

You can compare and renew your car insurance at Bjak in 5 simple steps:

  1. Request free car insurance quotes at Bjak’s website
  2. Receive your free quotations via WhatsApp or email
  3. Compare insurance quotations and choose your preferred insurance
  4. Customize your insurance policy and include any add-ons that you need
  5. Proceed to make payment

Done! You will get your insurance e-cover note through WhatsApp or email in under 5 minutes! As an added service, Bjak can also help you renew your road tax. Easy, right?

Renew car insurance online directly with insurance providers

You may also renew your car insurance directly with insurance providers of your choice. For example, say that you want to get insurance from Insurance XYZ, you simply have to go to Insurance XYZ’s website to renew your insurance.

Most insurance providers today do offer online insurance renewal, but do check whether your preferred insurance provider offers this service. The main benefit of renewing car insurance online directly with insurance providers is the automatic 10% rebate.

These are the steps to buy car insurance online directly with insurance providers.

  1. Key in your vehicle registration number
  2. Check the particulars of your car and your personal particulars
  3. Enter the postcode of your car location
  4. Key in your IC number
  5. Add any motor insurance add-ons that you need
  6. Proceed to make payment

You will receive your insurance cover note and policy through email.

Renew car insurance offline

To renew your car insurance offline, you can visit the outlet of any registered agents of your preferred insurance.

An insurance agent’s outlet that provides car insurance renewal service
An insurance agent’s outlet that provides car insurance renewal service
  1. Visit the outlet of any agent registered with the insurance of your choice
  2. You may be asked to provide your insurance cover note or policy and vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)
  3. Choose your insurance type: (1) Comprehensive Insurance, (2) Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance, and (3) Third Party Insurance
  4. Determine the sum insured for your car based on the market value or agreed value
  5. Get quotations from the agent
  6. You can ask the agent to add any motor insurance add-ons that you need
  7. Proceed to make payment

Get a physical copy of the insurance cover note and policy from the agent.

Why using insurance comparison sites is the best way to buy car insurance

The best way to renew car insurance is through insurance comparison sites as you can enjoy the following benefits:

Convenience and accessibility

As long as your electronic device is Internet-connected, you can get your insurance renewed anywhere, anytime. You can also spare yourself the hassle of queuing at a counter.

More insurance policies to choose from

You can get multiple quotations from various insurers all at once. If you choose offline insurance renewal, you may have to visit a few outlets because a physical agent may not be an agent to most insurance providers.

Cheaper insurance premiums

Insurance premiums vary after the liberalization of motor insurance tariffs in 2017. By using insurance comparison sites, you can easily compare insurers in terms of the benefits and premiums they offer.

Compare insurance policies before you buy car insurance

We have shared the steps to renew your car insurance, both online and offline. We hope our sharing can help you renew your insurance conveniently.

Please remember to first compare insurance policies before you buy any. For your convenience, you are highly encouraged to use Bjak to compare up to 15 insurance quotations for free. Bjak can even help renew your road tax and deliver it to your doorstep.