Jail Time, Fine Not More Than RM50,000 for Leaving Children Unattended in Vehicles

Leaving children unattended in a vehicle is an offence. Offenders can be fined not more than RM50,000 or jailed for up to 20 years.


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Some parents, without ill attention, may leave their children unattended in vehicles. This may happen when parents have to stop for a quick grocery shopping at a mini-market.

Do not normalise this, as it can put your children at risk. There are many reported death cases of children being left in vehicles unattended.

Regrettably, some parents do not take the news seriously and leave their children unattended in their vehicles, consciously or unconsciously.

Jail time and fines for leaving children unattended in vehicles

Know that leaving your children unattended in your vehicle is an offence. You are liable for prosecution if proven guilty.

According to the Royal Malaysia Malaysia (PDRM), parents who carelessly leave their children unattended in the car can face a fine of not more than RM50,000 or a jail time of up to 20 years.

“No excuse. No compromise. Your carelessness has a price. The negligence of an individual in leaving their child in a vehicle unattended is an offence under Section 31 (1) (a) of the Children Act 2001.

“If convicted, they will be fined not more than RM50,000 or jailed not more than 20 years or both.”

Jail time and fines for leaving children unattended in vehicles
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The danger of leaving your child in your vehicle unattended

There are several reported cases of parents’ negligence. These include parents leaving their children in the car unattended, resulting in their children’s death due to lack of oxygen.

Understand that leaving the car windows open slightly does not help dissipate the heat. Therefore, the accumulated heat can cause a person to have a stroke at any time.

With scorching weather in Malaysia, children’s body temperature may rise to 70% within an hour if left unattended in a vehicle. Therefore, please avoid leaving your child in the car for your children’s safety.

Reported cases of parents leaving their children unattended in vehicles

Below are a few reported cases of parents leaving their children unattended in vehicles:

  1. A three-year-old girl died after being left unattended in a car for two hours by her mother.
  2. A three-year-old girl was found dead after being left in a car for several hours by her grandmother.
  3. A two-year-old girl was trapped in her father’s car for almost an hour after accidentally pressing the door lock button.

Be a responsible parent

Please do not leave your children in your vehicle unattended. You surely do not want any of the tragedies to occur to your children.

If you need to run some errands and have to leave your children in the car, please ensure that other adults accompany your children in the car. If there is no one to look after them, it is best to bring them together with you.

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