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Own-Damage Claim: When You Can & Can’t

    Own-Damage Claim

    Being on the road means you will be exposed to all sorts of dangers. Be it motorcycles or cars – each bears its risks. That said, unfortunate incidents like road crashes are inevitable.

    Should you participate in an accident, do not panic! You can file an insurance claim to cover the cost of your vehicle’s damages.

    However, please note that you may not be entitled to claim under certain circumstances. The claim varies based on the policy type that you purchase too, at the time of the accident.

    Type of insurance claims

    There are three types of insurance claims.

    • i) Own Damage claim
    • ii) Knock for Knock claim, and
    • iii) Third Party claim

    The three claims vary depending on the insurance type that you purchase at the time of the accident.

    In brief, the Own Damage claim and Knock for Knock claim are limited to the comprehensive policyholder only. Meanwhile, the Third Party claim applies to the victim (the third party) in an accident.

    You can file for a Third Party claim given that you are not the at-fault party, regardless of any policy type you own.

    When can you claim for Own Damage claim?

    You need to meet these main criteria in order to file an Own Damage claim:

    1. You are a comprehensive policyholder
    2. Your insurance policy is still valid

    Own Damage claim is not only limited to your car damage in an accident caused by another involved party. The claim will only cover the following situations:

    1. You participate in a single-vehicle accident. For example, an accident with the lamp pole, road divider, or pothole due to your negligence.

    2. You run over animals when driving which causes severe car damage

    3. Your car windscreen scattered or broken due to pieces of rock or debris

    4. Your car is damaged in an accident caused by other individuals that was not named in the vehicle’s policy (however, excess has been charged)

    5. You wrecked a test-drive car due to your negligence

    6. Your car participates in a hit-and-run accident

    When can you not file for the Own Damage claim?

    1. You are not a comprehensive policyholder
    2. You are not at-fault in an accident (you can claim for the Third Party claim)
    3. Own the most basic policy (third party insurance policy only)
    4. You do not posses a valid driving licence

    Steps to file an Own Damage claim

    Renew insurance with comprehensive plan

    The comprehensive plan is the only policy that offers extensive coverage. As such, it allows you to file a claim on your vehicle.

    Therefore, we recommend you renew with a comprehensive plan to enjoy ample protection for your vehicle.

    Visit Bjak’s website today to purchase a comprehensive plan. You may compare across multiple brands and choose a policy that suits your needs.

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Get your free insurance quote from Bjak today!

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