Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance Claim

Here we list down some common questions about car insurance claims for your reference in the future.

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A car insurance claim process includes quite a complicated process and sometimes takes some time too.

What’s more, if there is any problem during the claim process that causes our claim to be rejected. Such hurdles as misunderstanding or disputes are inevitable. There can be dissatisfaction from any side with the stated conditions.

Let us resolve your concern regarding car insurance claim. Read on as we explain further in this article.

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What type of insurance claim that I can file?

You can file for three types of insurance claims, depending on the outcome of the accident.

You can file an Own Damage claim if you are the at-fault party. However, please note that you must have a comprehensive policy. Meanwhile, say if you are not guilty, you can file the Third Party claim or Knock-For-Knock claim for a speedy process.

My licence expires during the time of an accident. Can I claim insurance?

Yes, you are still eligible to file an insurance claim. However, ensure that your car road tax and insurance are still valid. According to the law, you are still a valid driving licence holder. Anyhow, you just forget to renew it.

But you are liable for a maximum fine of RM300 for driving without a valid licence.

I don’t have a driving licence. Can I claim following an accident?

No. An insurance company does not cover any accident involving a driver who drives without a valid licence.

The same rule also applies to an individual who participates in an accident when driving a car, however, he only possesses a motorcycle licence.

My friend is injured due to my driving. Can I claim insurance to cover the treatment cost?

Yes, you may. However, you must ensure that you have additional Legal Liability to Passengers coverage. This coverage offers protection to the policyholder or other named driver from the risk of legal liability sought by your passengers against you in the event of an accident due to your negligence.

Without this coverage, you would have to foot the bill yourself.

My car runs into a divider, can I claim insurance?

Yes, you can do so as long as you are a comprehensive policyholder.

You may file an Own Damage claim noting that the accident was due to your negligence. Following the claim, your NCD rates will return to 0%.

My car breaks down on the highway, whereby, is not caused by an accident. Can I claim insurance to cover the repair cost?

You can get free towing services from an insurance company if you are a comprehensive policyholder.

However, you cannot claim to repair the car damage. You would have to foot the bill yourself.

Why is my insurance claim rejected?

There are two possibilities of why is your car insurance claim denied. For examples:

  • No police report
  • The driver causing the accident (at-fault party) is not named in the policy
  • Accident caused by drunk-driving
  • Inaccurate information

Please refer to our previous article to learn more about the reasons and situations that might cause car insurance claim rejection here: Why Your Car Insurance Claim Might Get Rejected

What can I do if the driver involved in an accident flees from the scene?

Th followings are are several “hit-and-run” situations:

i) You have the vehicle registration number of the involved party – Make sure to lodge the police report and inform your insurance company.

ii) You don’t have the vehicle registration number of the involved party – In such a situation, you may either pay the damages yourself or claim an Own-Damage claim. However, please note that filing a claim will affect your NCD rates.

iii) The other party claims you are responsible for the accident – If the police and court can’t determine which party is responsible for an accident, it means no one wins the court case. As a result, you are not eligible to claim insurance against the other involved party. You can only claim from your insurer, given that you are a comprehensive policyholder.

Another alternative is that you pay the repair cost yourself.

iv) The other involved party is uninsured. You may appeal through legal means in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver.

If the court’s decision is in your favour, the involved party will have to compensate you using their money. They will also be fined for illegally driving.

How many times can I file car insurance claim?

Most insurance coverage does not set a limit on the number of claims. It means there are no restrictions on the number of claims allowed under your policy in a year.

Drunk-driving accident, can I claim insurance?

No. You cannot claim if the accident is due to your negligence.

In Malaysia, driving under the influence is a general exclusion from car insurance. Should you become a victim of a drunk-driving accident, you can file a Third-Party claim from the involved party.

Can I file insurance without a police report?

You can file an insurance claim without a police report. However, doing so may sabotage the claim process. It is difficult to determine the fault and damage. Hence, it will require a longer time to settle it.

A police report is a shred of essential evidence and will come in handy should there be any lawsuit from the other involved party.

Therefore, please ensure to file a police report, moreover, if the accident involves other vehicles.

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