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Puspakom Hire Purchase Inspection For Used Vehicles

    Puspakom Hire Purchase Inspection

    Used vehicles are a budget-friendly and convenient option for people who wish to own cars at an affordable price. But with their used condition, these vehicles often come with several downsides, such as high maintenance, low fuel efficiency and little to no warranty.

    Due to these reasons, used vehicles must undergo a hire purchase inspection before buyers and sellers close the deal. If you want to buy a used car soon but are worried about its safety, read on to learn more about the inspection process.

    What is Hire Purchase Inspection?

    Malaysia’s Hire Purchase Act 1967 mandates that buyers of used vehicles (individual or organisation) send the vehicle for a Hire Purchase Inspection at PUSPAKOM before acquiring it from its original owner.

    This inspection is part of the requirement to ensure used vehicles are safe for buyers and can be operated on public roads. As the sole vehicle inspection company appointed by the Malaysian Government, Puspakom looks at a number of aspects before deciding whether second-hand vehicles are roadworthy in general.

    What are the required documents?

    Every inspection begins with identifying the type of vehicle, its use and condition. As with every Puspakom inspection, you should book your appointment in advance. Prepare the following documents to aid the examination process.

    • Vehicle’s Registration Card (Original) / Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)
    • Copy of Vehicle’s Registration Card (endorsed by JPJ or Commissioner for Oath)

    A standard fee of RM60 is charged for every hire purchase inspection session.

    What is checked?

    Puspakom looks at numerous components before certifying a used vehicle. It carries out the following tests on the day of the appointment. As Malaysia’s sole government-appointed vehicle inspection company, Puspakom complies with international standards and high-quality assurance performance from industry-based certification and accreditation bodies in all its tests.

    Inspection itemsDescription
    Above CarriageExamines the condition of the upper body of a vehicle
    SuspensionChecks the performance of a vehicle’s suspension system
    IdentificationVerifies the vehicle’s authenticity by identifying the registration, chassis and engine numbers
    Side SlipTests alignment of a vehicle’s front wheels
    Tinted GlassMeasures the visible light transmittance rating of windscreens and glasses
    Under CarriageChecks the condition of the undercarriage of a vehicle
    BrakeEvaluates brake performance, including brake efficiency and brake imbalance
    EmissionMeasures smoke or gasses emitted from a vehicle’s engine and ensures they’re within legal limits
    SpeedometerChecks speedometer accuracy against the speed of the wheels
    Puspakom inspection items

    Why are hire purchase inspections important?

    Hire inspections play a crucial part in ensuring the roadworthiness of used vehicles. This is achieved by assessing the condition of vehicles from multiple aspects, as stated above. A common problem with second-hand vehicles is they tend to have broken parts that can affect the safety of drivers on the road.

    By sending these vehicles for a hire inspection, you can identify problems early and prevent yourself from getting into a potential scam or life-threatening situation. Hire purchase inspections guarantee the vehicle’s safety and ensure it complies with the regulations set by the authorities.

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