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Safety Tips: Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

    Safety Tips: Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

    There are countless road accidents involving cars, lorries, and trucks with motorcycles reported daily. Sure, it could happen due to carelessness by both motorcyclists and drivers.

    Motorcyclists are usually more vulnerable because they do not have the same protection as another vehicle provides to drivers.

    In this article, we will share safety tips that car drivers may use to reduce the occurrence of road crashes with motorcycles.

    Tips to share the road with motorcycles safely

    The following tips should help keep you and motorcyclists on the road safe!

    Be aware of blind spots

    A blind spot is an area where a driver's view is obstructed

    The most common cause of collisions with motorcycles is that the driver does not see the rider’s whereabouts.

    In a comparison of sizes, motorcycles are smaller and quicker than other vehicles. They tend to switch lanes a lot. It is difficult to see the motorcycle and easy to lose sight of them while merging or changing lanes.

    Therefore, it is best to practice turning your head to check your blind spots to ensure the road is clear before you switch lanes.

    Be careful in bad weather

    Unlike automobile drivers, motorcyclists’ visibility could be impaired on a rainy day. It is easier for them to slip and slide on a slippery road. The windy conditions can make them lose control of their vehicle on the road.

    As a result, they can easily sway them from riding in a straight direction.

    Please have empathy if you spot a motorcyclist in such inclement weather. You should slow down your car and give them space to maneuver.

    Use your turn signal

    The motorcyclists cannot predict your next move. Initiate your turn signal sooner if you see a motorcycle is approaching you from behind. This will help the motorcyclist to slow down earlier.

    Stay in your designated lane

    Sharing a single lane with a motorcycle can potentially cause hazards.

    Please avoid using the same lane and drive in close proximity to a motorcycle. Do not merge into their lane unless you are behind or in front of them, as you would with any vehicle.

    Give space for a safe distance

    Make sure you maintain a safe distance when you are trailing a motorcycle. You may follow the 3-second rule to keep you and the other road user safe apart.

    This will give you space and time to react in case of the motorcyclist in front of you unexpectedly slow down.

    How do you measure the time?

    Pick a fixed object down the road, such as a sign, a tree, or other landmarks. When the motorcycle in front of you passes the fixed object, start counting to three. If you pass the same point before you make it to three, it means you are driving too close to the motorcycle.

    You will need to slow down to increase your following distance.

    Drive carefully at night, turn off high beams

    Night-riding can be treacherous for motorcyclists. Therefore, increase your following distance when seeing an oncoming motorcycle. Do not try to drive past them.

    Please also ensure your high beams are turned off. The light can be so bright they blind oncoming motorcyclists which actually makes them less safe.

    Drive safe to ensure safety motorcycles and other road users

    By following these steps, you help ensure the safety of motorcyclists on the road.

    Motorcyclists don’t have the same protection as other motorists, so their injuries are more devastating. It is our responsibility too as a driver of an automobile to be considerate towards others safety.

    That said, this courtesy also extends to motorcyclists. Motorcyclists also should drive responsibly to prevent the occurrence of serious accidents.

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