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How to Enhance Your Car’s Visibility on the Road

    How to enhance your car’s visibility on the road

    When we drive, we will face many hindrances to our visibility on the road. Pouring rain, haze, dense fog, or poor street lighting are just some challenges you might face while driving.

    Poor visibility can put our lives in danger. Therefore, make sure nothing hinders your visibility on the road before you drive off.

    Simple ways to improve your visibility on the road

    Here is a quick guide on ensuring that your visibility is as clear as it can be.

    Adjust your rear-view mirror

    Adjust your rear-view mirror

    Your car’s rear-view mirror provides a clear view to help keep you safe as a driver. 

    A rear-view mirror allows you to see the lane behind your vehicle without turning your head. You may also monitor traffic and prepare for any potential dangers.

    You may attach a panoramic rearview mirror for a clearer view if you want. It provides a wider angle view than conventional mirrors and helps minimise your blind spots.

    Adjust your side-view mirrors

    Adjust your side-view mirror

    The side mirrors are designed to show you the view alongside on either side. When sitting straight, you will not be able to see any part of your vehicle in your side mirrors.

    You may locate the side mirror adjustment switch control of both side mirrors. Here are steps that you may follow to adjust them for better visibility.

    • Left side-mirror

    Lean to the left toward the centre console. Adjust the mirror until you can barely see the edge of your car from this position.

    • Right side-mirror

    Lean to the right and rest your head on the window. Adjust the passenger’s side-view mirror, so only a sliver of your car’s side is visible from the position.

    Keep your dashboard empty

    Keep your dashboard empty

    Make sure you keep your dashboard clear from, for example, tissue boxes, swaying air freshener from your rear-view mirror, or excessive stickers on your windscreen. The movements can sway your attention while driving on the road.

    Please ensure all your car mirrors, as well as the windscreen, are clean too. You may want to consider keeping some screen wash and cloth in the car for a quick wipe when necessary.

    Clean the headlights

    Clean the headlights

    If you notice, most older cars’ headlights will turn dull and cloudy over time. This may be caused by the sun’s UV rays which deteriorate the headlights, turning them yellow.

    The faded, yellow headlights will significantly affect the light output. Smaller-lighted areas can lead to deadly accidents, especially if your vision decreases.

    Therefore, please pay attention to your headlights for your safety.

    Keep your distance with other vehicles

    Keep your distance with other vehicles

    Please keep sufficient distance between your vehicle and the one in front. You will never know what may happen. What if they decide to slam on the brakes?

    About two car lengths is a good measure to safely gauge and anticipate any mishaps that might occur up ahead.

    Your visibility on the road is key to safety

    Your safety on the road is very important.

    Thus, taking care of your visibility is key to avoiding untoward events like road accidents. Make sure you have your car’s visibility checked before hitting the road.

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