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Tips for Buying a Child Car Seat

    Some parents may already take note of the announcement, but some may still not be aware of it.

    Effective January 1, 2020, the government has enforced the use of child car seats or the Child Restraint System (CRS) in private vehicles.

    About the use of child car seat

    The ultimate purpose of the enforcement is to ensure the safety of infants and children when travelling on the road.

    According to regulation, children must be put in car seats following the standard of height and weight ruled by United Nations Regulation R44 or R129.

    Following the rule, children with a height of 135cm and below must use CRS when sitting in a car.

    Read further as we share the enforcement guidelines on the child car seats. You may refer to the infographic below:

    Tips to choose a good car seat
    Image source: Bernama

    Tips to choose a good car seat

    In this article, Bjak will share the criteria of a good child car seat for your children.

    Go within the budget

    Before deciding on the car seat, you need to go within your means. How much is your allocated budget for buying a car seat for your child?

    Do not be surprised! The child car seat varies across brands and might cost up to thousands. But do not lose hope as there are also car seats at affordable prices. So you need to set allocate your budget and survey the proper model that fits your budget and needs.

    Isofix or seatbelt installation

    Isofix or seatbelt installation

    Please check whether or not the passenger seat at the back of your car supports isofix/top tether. If it does not support, you can choose any car seat that uses a belt (manual) only.

    Period of use

    If you aim to use the car seat for a long time, please measure your children’s weight and height before buying the car seat. If your kids are growing fast, you are recommended to choose ones that can be usable for the long run.

    Suitable group of ages with recommended child car seat

    Other than that, you are advised to choose a booster car seat. It helps to raise your child so that the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt is properly positioned across your child’s hips and chest and away from his belly and neck.

    It is also adjustable to your child’s height.

    Has ECE sticker

    Pastikan car seat mempunyai pelekat ECE yang berwarna jingga

    Make sure you are buying a child car seat with an ECE label. You may find the orange label either at the side or the bottom of the car seat. It displays the information regarding the product category by weight or height and the approval number.

    Other than that, the car seat must also have a valid QR code label sticker from Miros that records the CRS technical specification information according to the set standard.

    Easy to install

    Easy installation should be one of your main concerns.

    The installation can be troublesome for you if your car does not have an Isofix/top tether. You may have to buy different car seats that can be installed manually (that uses belt only).

    For your safety, you can buy a car seat that is usable for both Isofix and seatbelt. For example, Koopers Boston and Graco Sequence.

    Choose car seat that fits your car size

    Does your child’s car seat fit your vehicle seat? Make sure you get the right size for better comfort.

    If the size is too big, it may take up the space in your car and causes discomfort to the passenger at the front seat. Therefore, make sure to choose the size that suits your car’s size.

    50% subsidy or up to RM150 on car seat purchase for B40

    Here is a piece of good news for B40 parents who are looking forward to buying a child car seat.

    The government through Budget 2022 has allocated a subsidy of 50% or up to RM150 for the purchase of child car seats for B40 families.

    Golongan B40 yang layak boleh memohon subsidi car seat bermula 1 Mac 2022

    Those who are eligible to apply may submit their applications at Applications are open from March 1, 2022.

    Eligibility requirements for car seat subsidy

    *Note: You can check your approval status through the website starting April 1, 2022.

    Take care of your children’s safety

    Your children’s lives are meaningful therefore you should take care of them.

    Child care seats child safety seats can reduce the risk of death and injury of your child in the event of any untoward happening.

    Get the best and UNECE approved car seat to suit the age and size of your child. We hope you find this article helpful to guide you to get the right car seat.

    Be a responsible parent and driver while on the road. Please practice safe driving to prevent any untoward incidents happen to you, passengers, and other road users.

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