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Travel Insurance For Bus: What Is It And Why You Need One?

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    When we talk about travel insurance, we often associate it with domestic or international flight trips. But what about local bus trips? Have you ever considered purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan when travelling on a bus?

    Unless you’re a frequent traveller, you probably don’t know that travel insurance can also be bought for bus trips. In this article, we’ll discuss travel insurance for bus trips and why you should get one the next time you plan to travel by bus.

    What is bus travel insurance?

    In simple terms, bus travel insurance is a form of financial protection for passengers who travel by bus. It is similar to the insurance you’d purchase when booking a flight trip. You pay a certain fee to reimburse losses that may arise from a potential event during your trip.

    What is covered in it?

    Bus travel insurance is quite similar to that of flight. Passengers will be compensated for various things such as death, injuries, medical expenses, unexpected travel delays, damage to luggage and more. A comprehensive insurance plan includes but is not limited to the items listed below:

    • Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement
    • Accidental Medical Expenses
    • Hospital Allowance
    • Travel/Bus Delay
    • Damage or Loss of Baggage
    • Trip Cancellation
    • Hijacking & Looting

    Why you should get one?

    Bus travel insurance is often overlooked. Although many people don’t consider getting it when travelling by bus, it is important. Since bus trips during bad weather can be dangerous, taking one can protect you and your belongings if anything happens.

    The media frequently report accidents involving express buses in Malaysia all year round. This happens mainly due to reckless driving, negligence of drivers, and poor road conditions. Today, taking insurance for bus trips is ever so important, especially for long-distance journeys.

    Similar to taking flights, bus trips, too, have inevitable risks. So, getting protection before you start travelling is always a good idea.

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