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Complete Guide To Takaful Insurance In Malaysia

    Motor Takaful

    Conventional insurance and Takaful plan offer financial protection against any untoward incidents happening to the policyholders. The policyholders can seek shelter from the insurance providers and Takaful operators in the following situations:

    • Road accidents
    • Critical illness
    • Loss of property
    • Death

    You may choose to purchase coverage from conventional or Takaful insurance products. Despite both providing financial protection, there are several differences that you need to learn and understand.

    Read on as we go in-depth comparing conventional insurance and Takaful policy.

    What is Takaful?

    Takaful is an insurance concept that complies with the Shariah law, which is free from the prohibited elements in Islam. These elements include Riba’ (interest), Maysir (gambling), and Gharar (uncertainty).

    Unlike conventional insurance, Takaful uses a concept based on cooperation where participants under 
    its scheme share all risks mutually.

    Other than that, Takaful products also implement a no-claim cashback policy. This policy allows you to receive a cash rebate from the company if you do not make any claim during the coverage period. The rebate amount, however, varies by Takaful operators.

    Takaful is established as an alternative for Malaysians, mainly Muslims, to switch from purchasing conventional insurance products to more Shariah-compliant products.

    Refer to the below image to learn the differences between Takaful policy and conventional insurance.

    Differences between Takaful and conventional insurance 

    Differences between takaful and conventional Insurance

    Motor Takaful

    Takaful coverage provides extensive protection plans to suit your diverse needs. The protection includes medical, home, and motor coverages as well.

    Let us run through the motor Takaful products in detail with you.

    About motor Takaful

    Types of car insurance policies

    Motor Takaful offers three policies type to vehicle owners:

    • Comprehensive policy
    • Third-party, fire, and theft policy
    • Third-party policy

    Comprehensive Takaful policy

    A comprehensive car takaful policy offers the most comprehensive protection to car owners. This policy covers the policyholder against loss or damage to their property and third-party claims, including loss or damage to the property of the party involved and injury or death caused by you.

    Usually, Takaful operators will suggest new car owners (at least up to 10 years) purchase a comprehensive policy.

    Third-party, fire, and theft policy

    Third-party, fire, and theft Takaful policies protect drivers against third-party claims. This includes loss or damage to property and injury or death caused by your vehicle.

    The policy also offers additional coverage that protects your vehicle in the event of fire or theft.

    This policy is fitted for vehicles that are rarely used or more than ten years old.

    Third-party policy

    The third-party takaful policy is the most basic protection policy and only protects third parties. The coverage provided includes damage or loss to the property of a third party, as well as injury and death of that party due to an accident caused by you.

    You need to foot the bill to repair your vehicle damage.

    Can non-muslims purchase motor Takaful?

    Yes, motor Takaful is not only exclusive to Muslims. The non-Muslims, too, can purchase Takaful products without any worry.

    What is the law for Muslims to buy conventional insurance products?

    Conventional insurance products have prohibited elements, as stated in Islam. They are namely riba’ (interest), gharar (doubt), and also maysir (gambling).

    Therefore, according to Muzakarah of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs of Malaysia (MJFK), it makes all types of conventional insurance illegal for Muslims to purchase.

    Guide for the best motor Takaful

    Ensure the agent is registered under MTA

    To your knowledge, all companies that offer Takaful services register with the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) before they can advertise and sell Takaful products.

    Hence, please ensure your agent is registered with MTA before purchasing from them. You may check for their validity through the MTA website.

    Compare multiple companies

    Please survey Takaful operators to get a better insight into the whole market. You can go through their product disclosure sheets to learn about policy details. These sheets are usually available on their website for public reference.

    Check with the Takaful panel workshop

    Please do a check-up regarding the Takaful panel workshop branch. This is because most insurance and Takaful companies only allow you to repair your car at their panel workshop. This also ensures that the workshop meets the service standards outlined by the Takaful.

    You are recommended to get motor Takaful which offers a nationwide’s panel workshop. This is to make it easier for you to get car repair services anywhere.

    Compare the quality level and service

    It is best to get motor Takaful that can conveniently offer you 24-hour customer service.

    On top of that, please also learn the claim procedure offered across Takaful operators.

    Where can you get the best motor Takaful plan?

    Based on the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) website, there are four car takaful companies or operators in Malaysia: Etiqa Takaful, Takaful Malaysia, Takaful Ikhlas, and Zurich Takaful.

    Etiqa Takaful


    Etiqa Takaful is undoubtedly one of the best Takaful operators in Malaysia. The followings are the principle that it stands by:

    Offers all drivers coverage – Etiqa Takaful offers free all drivers coverage automatically without any additional premium.

    Agreed value, not market value – Your claim will be paid according to the agreed value during renewal.

    You will be compensated with the full sum insured in the event of car theft or severe car damage (total loss).

    No excess – Some insurers ask you to pay a portion of the cost for your damages when involved in an accident, which is called an excess. Meanwhile, Etiqa Takaful provides no excess term to the policyholders who are 21 years old and above. This means you do not have to pay a portion of the repair cost.

    Free courtesy car after an accident – Etiqa Takaful offers a free courtesy car within 14 days after the accident.

    Takaful Malaysia

    Takaful Malaysia

    Takaful myMotor under Takaful Malaysia covers your vehicle against losses or damages and third-party legal liabilities.

    For your information, there are two coverage options under Takaful myMotor which are:

    • Comprehensive cover
    • Third-party, fire and theft cover

    Comprehensive coverage – Comprehensive insurance protects the policyholders’ cars in case of a car accident, fire, or theft. This policy also covers the third party (injury, death, property loss, or damage).

    Third-party, fire, and theft insurance coverage – Third-party, fire, and theft insurance protects the damage and loss to the third party where you are at fault. It also provides coverage to policyholders’ vehicles in the event of fire and theft.

    However, the coverage on your vehicle is limited to any loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning, robbery, burglary, or theft only.

    Like Etiqa Takaful, Takaful Malaysia also offers all drivers coverage for free. Besides that, it also provides free personal accident cover of RM15,000 per life in one lump sum for drivers and passengers in the event of accidental death or total permanent disability.

    On top of that, policyholders can get cashback of up to 7.5% for making no claims during the coverage period.

    Takaful Ikhlas

    Takaful Ikhlas

    Takaful Ikhlas offers comprehensive coverage for policyholders’ cars against damages and losses due to accidents, fire, and theft. It also provides coverage against third-party legal liabilities in the event of bodily injury, death, damages, or losses of the third party’s property.

    The followings are special benefits offered:

    • Free ten additional named drivers
    • Free personal accident coverage up to RM10,000 exclusive for policyholders
    • Mandatory excess exemption for unauthorised drivers
    • Fee refund for the use of public transport services up to RM100 while your car is at the panel workshop.

    Zurich Takaful


    Zurich Takaful protects policyholders from any loss or damage of their property due to accidents, fire or theft, and third party’s claims, including the loss or damage to the third party’s property, injury or death.

    Z-Driver Takaful under Takaful Zurich offers the following:

    • Additional personal accident cover for policyholders with fees as low as RM15 per year for coverage up to RM175,000, subject to terms and conditions
    • Free coverage of authorised drivers for personal use
    • Waiver of betterment cost additional cover

    Steps to Claim Takaful after a car accident

    Own Damage claim

    1. Do an immediate evaluation of your car damage. Call your Takaful company to inform them of the damage severity and ask for towing service
    2. Take photos of your vehicle, including the other involved vehicle
    3. Exchange details with the other involved party in the accident (phone number, full name, MyKad number)
    4. Lodge a police report within 24 hours at any nearby police station
    5. Take your car to a Takaful panel workshop to have the damage repaired under the insurance claim
    6. Provide the necessary documents for the claim process (original copy of police report, Takaful insurance policy, copy of identity card, and copy of driver’s licence)
    7. Upon completion, the workshop will take over your claim process for car repair

    *Note: Personal accident claims can only be made by comprehensive policyholders, and they are for repairing damage to their vehicles.

    Third-party claim

    1. Contact your Takaful operator or Accident Assist Call Centre (AACC), which offers 24-hour customer service at their hotline number 15500
    2. Gather details and evidence of the accident (location, time, take photos of the scene)
    3. Exchange details with the other involved party in the accident (phone number, full name, vehicle registration number, insurance company/Takaful operator)
    4. Lodge a police report within 24 hours
    5. Inform your Takaful operator within seven days after the accident to proceed with the claim
    6. Send your car to the Takaful panel workshop
    7. Get an adjuster to assess the damage to your car
    8. Submit the following documents to the other party’s insurance/takaful company:
    • Original copy of police report
    • Copy of identity card and driver’s license
    • Vehicle ownership certificate (copy)
    • Adjuster report
    • Your car repair bill
    • Police document stating the party who was charged for the traffic offence
    1. Upon completion, the workshop will take over your claim process for car repair

    *Note: This claim can be made even if you are only a third-party policyholder and not the party at fault.

    What is not covered under the motor Takaful plan

    Despite taking a comprehensive policy, you may not receive full coverage. Please note that these situations are not covered under the Takaful plan:

    1. Injury or death to oneself as a result of an accident caused by oneself

    2. Car damage in the event of natural disasters claims
    *You may purchase additional special perils coverage for damage claims due to floods, landslides, etc

    3. Liability for claims from passengers of your vehicle
    *You may purchase additional passenger legal liability coverage

    4. Car damage due to an accident while driving under the influence

    5. Loss of car accessories
    *If you are a car-modifier enthusiast, you may purchase additional car accessories coverage

    6. Car damage due to public riots
    *You may purchase additional Strikes, Riot, and Civil Commotion (SRCC) coverage

    Get the best Takaful plan for your vehicle

    We hope you find this article helpful to assist you in making better vehicle coverage decisions in the future. We suggest you compare the following four Takaful brands so you can choose the plan that fits your budget and needs!

    Therefore, for your convenience, you can survey them online at Bjak. Get motor Takaful quotes for free in less than 3 minutes.

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Get your free insurance quote from Bjak today!

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