What Happens If You Skip Your Car Insurance Renewal?

Read this article to learn more about car insurance renewal and the consequences of delaying the renewal.

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As a car owner, it is your responsibility to adhere to the law by ensuring your car has valid insurance and road tax. Read on as we explain car insurance renewal and the consequences of delaying the renewal.

Is it an offense if you delay or skip your car insurance renewal?

You need valid insurance to ensure that you can renew the road tax for your vehicle to be legally used on the road, according to the Road Transport Act 1987. The absence of insurance may cause failure in your application process for road tax renewal.

Driving without valid insurance will put your life as a driver and your vehicle at high risk. For instance, if the event of incidents like road crashes. Therefore, make sure to renew your insurance to ensure your vehicle is protected in case of any untoward events happen.

What are the consequences if you delay/skip renewing insurance

The followings are the consequences for delaying or skipping insurance renewal:

Subject to summons

Saman akan dikenakan jika didapati menggunakan kenderaan tanpa roadtax yang sah

This is a common risk for those who fail to renew their insurance coverage.

Be careful, it is not easy to escape from the authorities with the spring up of roadblocks held today.

Therefore, we advise you to renew your expired insurance immediately to avoid your vehicle from getting summonsed at the roadblock.

Isn’t it better to spend the money to renew insurance, rather than having to pay summons? Plus, you can drive past any unexpected roadblocks at ease!

*Note: As of December 31, 2021, there is an exemption for road tax renewal for private vehicles provided your insurance is still valid. You need to provide an e-policy to present it to the authorities in case you run into a roadblock.

NCRD rate is reduced

Kadar NCD kereta

NCD can last for a year.

Please note that your car’s NCD will reduce little by little, by year if you delay renewing the insurance.


Your previous car NCD has reached 55%. However, you skip the insurance renewal for a year after that. Your NCD will drop to 45% and further as long as you don’t renew it.

Financial strains

Tanpa insurans, kos pembaikan kereta akibat kemalangan perlu ditanggung menggunakan wang sendiri.

Delaying the insurance renewal will only cost you more risks and financial burdens.

Remember, your vehicle is not protected under any insurance coverage within the period that you do not renew it. In the event of accidents to your vehicle resulting in severe damages, you will not be able to claim for repair. Instead, you will need to use your money to foot the bill.

Don’t delay your car insurance renewal

Please make sure to get your vehicle covered immediately. Putting the renewal off will only jeopardise your NCD rate.

Activate your vehicle insurance following the set period to avoid the shared consequences.

Where can you renew your vehicle insurance?

You may renew your vehicle insurance at any certified insurance company or Takaful operators. For your convenience, kindly visit Bjak’s website for more options for insurance brands.

You may compare across 15 insurers to get the best insurance coverage. You need to provide your vehicle details and receive a free quote in just 3 minutes through WhatsApp.

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