Why Does Car Windscreen Crack?

Read this article to learn the causes of a cracked windscreen and how to make an insurance claim for the damage.

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Minor chips to deep-seated cracks may appear on the surface of your windscreen glass. It could happen regardless of when you drive or park your car. A broken or cracked windscreen may affect your vision when driving. You could compromise your safety significantly if you delay replacing your windscreen.

Many reasons can cause either your front or rear windscreen to shatter or break.

Read on as we share several reasons behind the chip, break or shatter of your windscreen.

Causes of broken or cracked windscreen

A car windscreen does not only protect you from the rain, dust and wind. It also reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

A windscreen is made of annealed glass via a thermal tempering process that further strengthens the glass structure in terms of its durability.

However, damages such as a crack or breakage could still happen in an unforeseen situation. These are some causes that may cause your windscreen to shatter or break.

Windscreen hit by pebbles or foreign objects

Our vehicles are exposed to risks when we drive on the road.

The risks include being hit by foreign objects such as fragments of stone, wood, sand and others. These objects could hit your windshield or ‘bounce’ onto other vehicles like trucks and indirectly cause your windshield to crack.

As a precaution, do not drive too close with heavy vehicles, especially lorries. The loads that they carry may harm your vehicle. In addition to protecting your windscreen, you are also saving your life from an untoward incident.

Windscreen crushed by tree branches or twigs

Windscreen crushed by tree branches or twigs

People usually prefer to park their car under a tree to avoid the scorching sun.

While the shade may save your car paint, it is risky for your car. Your car may be at risk of being hit by tree branches or twigs, especially if there is a sudden strong wind or heavy rain. This will damage your windscreen.

Windscreen cracks due to the weather

Temperature alone can be the cause of a crack in your windscreen.

Each side of the windshield has a different rate of shrinkage and expansion. For example, the heat rate of the windshield on the side is faster than in the middle.

Your windscreen can crack unexpectedly if your car is often exposed to heat. This is because of the high potential of the metal material on the car frame to quickly heat the mirror’s edges.

Improper installation of windscreen

Pemasangan cermin yang tidak betul juga boleh menyebabkan cermin kereta rosak

Poor installation quality may contribute to windscreen damage.

Improper installation may lead to vibration and pressure, which in turn causes the windscreen to crack or break.

Although it is rarely damaged because of the installation quality, you still have to be careful. You are advised to use a windshield specialist’s service to reduce this risk.

Windscreen damage because of an accident

In addition to vehicle-to-vehicle accidents, your windscreen can also crack or break if you have an accident with animals such as birds or others.

Therefore, we advise you to drive carefully to protect your vehicle and life.

Can you make an insurance claim for windscreen damage?

Yes. You may claim from your insurer to repair your windscreen damage if you have comprehensive insurance coverage.

However, you will lose your No-Claim Discount (NCD) if you do not have additional windscreen cover when claiming insurance.

For your information, you are only eligible to claim insurance (with windscreen add-on cover) once a year without affecting your NCD rate.

Usually, the premium for windscreen coverage is 15% of the amount of your mirror. You may refer to our previous articles to know the premium of windscreen coverage for local and imported cars.

How to claim insurance for a cracked windscreen?

  1. Send your car to your insurance panel workshop. If you are unsure, please call your insurer to seek confirmation.
  2. Furnish the claim form at the workshop. Please make sure you inform the workshop that you want to claim from your insurer.
  3. After the windscreen repair or replacement, you can take your car. You do not have to foot the bill if you claim from your insurer

What are the required documents?

  • A copy of the policyholder and driver’s MyKad and driving license
  • A copy of car grant
  • Insurance covernote

Fix your cracked windscreen with insurance claim

Windscreen damage is sometimes inevitable and could happen at any time. The damage can endanger the driver and passengers.

Although you can claim insurance to repair your windscreen damage (for comprehensive policyholders), it will still be to your detriment if the claim is made without having additional windshield coverage. The claim will affect your NCD and cause your premium in the following year to soar.

Therefore, we advise you to include additional windscreen coverage in your policy plan to avoid financial losses in the future.

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