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5 Safety Tips When Refuelling Your Car at Petrol Station

    Safety Tips When Refuelling Your Car at Petrol Station

    The petrol station is no stranger for those who often drive, looking to fill their empty car tank.

    You may not think much of the consequences of what could go wrong when getting your car tank refueled. But, mishaps can happen at petrol stations if you do not take precautions.

    Here we share some safety measures while being in and around a petrol pump.

    Cases of a mishap at the petrol station

    5 Safety Tips When Refuelling Your Car at Petrol Station

    The followings are several incidents that take place at the petrol station

    Safety tips at a petrol station

    Here are some safety tips to prevent a mishap at a petrol station.

    Turn off the engine

    If you stop at the petrol station to refuel your car’s tank, please remember to switch off the engine in the first place. 

    It is not safe to refill your car with the engine is turned on. The fuel that dribbles through the nozzle can pose a threat of fire. 

    Don’t use your mobile phone

    Don’t use your mobile phone while refuelling your car

    A mobile phone emits radiation when in use and may pose a threat of explosion if it heats up on a sunny day. Therefore, make sure to switch your phone off before entering the petrol pump. 

    Don’t smoke or use a lighter/match

    Don’t smoke or use a lighter/match

    Do not smoke or light up any ignitable items like lighter or matches before entering a petrol pump zone.

    Keep these things potential items away when refueling. Be careful because petrol is highly combustible. It might result in a dangerous fire accident or a blast if it comes in contact with even the slightest spark.

    Beware of the potential of theft

    Theft at service stations does happen.

    So, be aware of your surrounding and personal belongings, valuable items in particular. Make sure to lock your car and keep the windows up when you move away from the car.

    Be careful when handling petrol

    Be careful when handling petrol

    Some people have the habit of keeping an extra reserve of fuel for emergencies. Please avoid keeping any extra fuel containers with you, especially inside your car.

    However, if you need to keep extra storage of fuel for future use, please follow certain precautions for safety.

    For example, use a sealed container made of metal or plastic that is approved by an authoritative body, to prevent leakage.

    Take preventive measures at the petrol station

    You cannot avoid going to the petrol station but you can reduce the possibility of mishaps. 

    Please avoid any combustible items before you visit the petrol station. Be careful and stay away from anything that may start a fire.

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