5 Things To Know Before Filing An Insurance Claim!

There are several factors that you can take note of to reduce the possibility of claim rejection by the insurance company.

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Insurance is like a financial safety net, helping you recover in the event of untoward incidents. Examples are car accidents, fire, or theft. Such recovery costs are not cheap – they can cost hundreds and even reach thousands!

Therefore, with insurance policies in place, you do not have to worry much about the cost. Your insurance will cover the cost. Your responsibility is to file the claim correctly and accordingly to ensure a smooth process.

However, is there any chance of a hiccup during the claim process? Yes, there can be, and the insurer can reject your claim.

But don’t worry! Let us share several factors that you can take note of to reduce the possibility of your claim being rejected by the insurance company.

5 things to take note of

Type of insurance policy

Can you claim if you have insurance?

Of course, the insurer will cover you depending on the policy type. It does not mean that the policy will cover all types of incidents. Read below:

Third-party policy

For example, if you purchase a third-party policy – you are not entitled to make any claim if the accident is caused by you.

The policy will only allow the involved party in the accident (third party) to file a claim. It means the insurer will only cover the cost of vehicle damage and bodily injury sustained by the third party.

How about your vehicle damages resulting from the incident? You will have to foot the bill yourself.

Third-party, fire, and theft policy

This policy is less likely to provide the same coverage as a Third-Party policy. The policy will not cover damage to your car caused by your negligence. You will have to cover the cost yourself.

However, in the event of a car fire or theft (accidental), you are allowed to file a claim.

Comprehensive policy

The comprehensive policy does provide quite extensive coverage to the policyholder. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you can claim every damage to your car.

For examples:

  • Total loss
  • Self-injury or death due to an accident caused by oneself
  • Loss of car accessories
  • Damages due to riots
  • Damages due to natural disasters

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If you would like to learn about the types of coverages provided by insurance companies, you may refer to our previous article regarding the matter: Types of Car Insurance Policies

Police report and insurance issues to insert in an insurance claim

laporan polis selepas terbabit kemalangan perlu dilakukan bagi membuat tuntutan insurans

You need to lodge a police report immediately following an accident.

How fast do you have to be? You need to report the accident within 24 hours of participating in an accident. Do not forget to inform your insurer too – 7 days after the accident.

Insurance companies will recommend that you inform them about your vehicle damage as soon as the damage occurs.

Here are the recommended timeframe:

Inform the insurance company of the damage24 hours from the incident (car accident/breakdown)
Lodge a police report of the accident24 hours from the time you detect the damage or accident
File an insurance claim if you are not warded (at hospital)7 days from the time you detect the damage or accident
File an insurance claim if you are warded (at hospital)30 days from the time you detect the damage or accident

Can you delay filing an insurance claim? Yes, you are allowed to do so under certain circumstances. You can put off the insurance claim should you be warded at the hospital due to injury following an accident.

If you delay the claim (exceeding the timeframe) without relevant reason, your claim is more or less likely will be rejected.

Not named driver

Most insurance companies allow additional drivers (up to two persons other than you) in the policy. Doing so will allow you to claim (without fines) if your car has an accident caused by another driver.

However, some policies allow you to name more than two named drivers in the policy. An example is Etiqa Takaful.

If your car participates in an accident (caused by an unnamed driver), the car owner (you) will have to pay mandatory excess or fine of up to RM400 when filing an insurance claim. Chances are high for the claim to be rejected.

Therefore, we recommend you insert additional named drivers (who use your car frequently) to avoid complications during a claim.

Accident situations

rekodkan situasi kemalangan sebagai persediaan untuk membuat tuntutan insurans

Not all accident situations will allow you to make an insurance claim. An example is, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a general exception to insurance policies in Malaysia.

Insurance companies will not cover any damages to the vehicle or properties caused by drunk driving. However, the insurer will pay for damages and injuries borne by the third party. But please note that the insurance company has the right to re-claim what is insured.

Following the accident (drunk driving), the insurer may revoke your policy or demand you pay two times the vehicle insurance for causing the accident. That does not sound good…

Necessary documents for an insurance claim

An insurance claim will require you to prepare the necessary documents to support your claim.

Failure to provide these may appear to be a disturbance in your insurance claim process. Or worse, be denied.

The following documents that you need to provide when filing a claim is:

  • Original copy of police report
  • Insurance policy
  • MyKad (copy)
  • Driving licence (copy)
  • Pictures of damages to the vehicle (your vehicle and the involved party’s vehicle)
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Car ownership certificate
  • Car repair bill or invoice (copy)

The number of documents needed is not fixed, however, as it will vary across insurers.

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