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AIA Car Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage For Private Cars

    AIA car insurance - cover

    AIA is a well-known insurance brand providing some of the best insurance products for everyone. Its health insurance products are particularly popular among consumers because they are accepted in many places. But do you know that AIA also offers auto insurance with a wide range of panel workshops nationwide?

    Let us share with you the details of its comprehensive coverage for private cars and why it’s worth considering as your next preferred insurer.

    Key benefits

    • Coverage for your car

    A lump sum payment to cover any loss or damage to your car because of an accident, theft or fire.

    • Coverage for property loss or damage to others

    You will be covered if the accident caused by your car results in loss or damage to other people’s property.

    • Coverage for injury or death to others

    This covers you if the accident caused by your car results in the death of or injury to other people.

    • Options to enhance your coverage

    If you want added protection to guard against other unexpected events that could impact your financial situation, you can opt to add available optional benefits (refer below) to your plan.

    • AIA Roadside Assist

    AIA Roadside Assist offers 24-hour support and value-added services to get vehicle owners/drivers back on their journey safely.

    Optional benefits

    Here’s a list of optional benefits that policyholders can purchase by paying an additional premium for added protection:

    • Windscreen damage
    • Legal liability to Passenger and of Passenger
    • Damage arising from flood and landslide
    • Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion
    • All Drivers (for company-owned vehicles)
    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)


    Just like any other insurance policy, AIA car insurance also excludes some events from coverage. Damage or loss resulting from the following incidents cannot be claimed under this policy:

    • Your own death or bodily injury due to a motor accident;
    • Your liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle;
    • Loss, damage or liability arising from an act of nature, i.e. flood, storm or landslide;
    • Your vehicle left unattended after an accident or breakdown or not fit to be driven on the road;
    • Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown failures or breakages.

    Knowing that your vehicle is comprehensively protected against the unexpected certainly ensures peace of mind. Despite these exclusions, AIA remains a reputable insurance provider in the market with high demand from vehicle owners.

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