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Allianz Travel Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage For Overseas Trips

    Allianz travel insurance - cover

    Travelling abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it also comes with certain risks and uncertainties. That is why having comprehensive travel insurance is essential to protect yourself and your loved ones. Allianz Travel Insurance offers just that. A range of coverage options specifically tailored for overseas trips, ensuring peace of mind and financial security while you explore new destinations.

    Let’s explore the benefits and features of Allianz Travel Insurance — Travel Easy and Travel Care plans — in this article, as we disclose details on coverage options to help you make an informed decision for your upcoming trip.

    Available plans and benefits

    BenefitsAllianz Travel EasyAllianz Travel Care
    Death and permanent disablement due to accident200,000500,000
    Medical expenses (up to)200,000350,000
    Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (up to)1,000,00010,000,000
    Deposit or trip cancellation (up to)25,00025,000
    Personal luggage or personal effects (up to)5,0005,000
    Travel documents (up to)5,0005,000
    Luggage delay (up to)800 (min. 6 hours)800 (min. 6 hours)
    Travel delay300 per 6 hours up to 2,000300 per 6 hours up to 2,000
    Sports activity & mountaineering (up to 3,500 metres)CoveredCovered
    High-altitude mountaineering (up to 5,500 metres)CoveredCovered
    Purchase channelOnline ONLYAllianz authorized agents
    Key benefits of Allianz travel plans

    Who can apply?

    All Malaysian citizens, Malaysian permanent residents, valid work permit holders, valid student pass holders or individuals otherwise legally employed in Malaysia, and his/her spouse and child/children who are legally residing in Malaysia can apply for Allianz flight insurance plans, subject to the age limits for the relevant plans as set out below:

    • Adult Plan/Adult Annual Plan – aged 18 years to 70 years
    • Child Plan/Child Annual Plan – aged 30 days to 17 years
    • Senior Citizen Plan – aged 71 years to 80 years
    • Family Plan if the policyholder is aged 18 years to 70 years, the policyholder’s one selected legal spouse who is aged 18 years to 70 years and the policyholder’s child/children aged 30 days to 24 years.

    Why choose Allianz travel insurance?

    Allianz is arguably one of the best flight insurance companies you opt for. There are several compelling reasons why Allianz’s travel policies are ideal for overseas travel. Here are some of them:

    • Complimentary exclusive cabin-size luggage when you book your trip with the Allianz Adult Annual Plan during the campaign period
    • Extended COVID-19 coverage if you tested positive during your trip
    • Coverage for sports and mountaineering activities for adventure-seekers
    • Renowned and highly-rated insurer in Malaysia with decades of experience protecting travellers

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