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Berjaya Sompo Car Insurance: SOMPO MotorSafe Policy

    Berjaya Sompo car insurance - cover

    There are several insurance companies out there that offer a one-of-a-kind policy to cater to the varying needs of modern automobile consumers. Berjaya Sompo is a leading car insurance company in Malaysia that offers comprehensive coverage for private and commercial motor vehicles.

    Its SOMPO MotorSafe plan has come to be known as a revolutionary motor insurance that lets vehicle owners choose a mileage plan based on how far they drive in a year, allowing them to save up on premiums while still enjoying complete protection. More details on the insurance policy are shared below:

    What is covered?

    The SOMPO MotorSafe Policy offers comprehensive coverage for private cars with affordable premiums. It comes with three mileage plans to suit the usage of the vehicle and a Bluetooth-enabled, battery-powered device called SOMPO Tag, that provides safety assistance in case the car breaks down or during an emergency.

    The plan covers loss or damage to the policyholder’s vehicle due to accident, fire and theft, and third-party injury, death, or property damage if the travel is within the allocated mileage and grace mileage*.

    SOMPO MotorSafe plans

    If the allocated and grace mileage is exceeded, then the plan would only cover third-party injury, death, or property damage. Apart from these benefits SOMPO MotorSafe also included the following additional benefits for policyholders:

    • All Drivers Cover
    • 24-Hour Rakan Auto Assist
    • Repair Warranty of 12 months
    • Special Perils Coverage**

    *An additional 500km per year is automatically added to the comprehensive allocated mileage plan before the end of the insurance period.
    **Covers up to RM10,000 or 20% of the Sum Insured, whichever is lower.

    Who is eligible?

    Both individual and company policyholders can purchase SOMPO MotorSafe given that the vehicle age is 1 year
    and above with a sum insured of more than RM20,000.

    There are three SOMPO MotorSafe plans for customers to choose from. The details of the plans and benefits are shown below:

    PlanMileage PlanDiscount
    (compared to SOMPO Motor)
    Plan A0 up to 5,000kmUp to 50%
    Plan B0 up to 10,000kmUp to 40%
    Plan C0 up to 15,000kmUp to 20%
    SOMPO MotorSafe Plans

    What is SOMPO Tag?

    SOMPO Tag

    SOMPO Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled, battery-powered device paired with the SOMPO MotorSafe app. It is placed in the insured vehicle and provides safety assistance during breakdowns or emergencies. It also reminds the policyholders to top up their mileage plan if they are about to exceed their allocated mileage.

    This unique device can easily be activated by holding down the button for 2 seconds. It can be controlled through the SOMPO MotorSafe app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Benefits of SOMPO Tag

    bCall: Emergency button for assistance

    • Hold down the button for 2 seconds to request assistance for a breakdown or an emergency.

    eCall: Automatic Accident Alert & Emergency Response for severe crashes

    • Automatic Driver Recognition: The system detects severe crashes via smartphone. During an accident, the SOMPO helpline will call the driver to assist.

    Safe Driving Alert: To instil good driving habits

    • The driver will receive real-time friendly ‘’beeping’’ alerts if they text and drive above 20km/h.

    Other optional benefits

    Besides the benefits mentioned above, policyholders can also purchase optional benefits by paying an additional premium. The optional benefits available for the SOMPO MotorSafe plan are:

    • Coverage for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof
    • Legal Liability to Passengers
    • Current Year “NCD” Relief
    • Waiver of Betterment (only applicable for vehicles aged not more than 15 years)
    • Top-Up for Full Convulsion of Nature Cover
    • Unlimited Towing Costs (only applicable for vehicles aged up to 15 years)
    • Next Level Mileage Top-Up (Exclusive for SOMPO MotorSafe)
    • Full Mileage Top Up (Exclusive for SOMPO MotorSafe)

    Berjaya Sompo car insurance

    A change in driving habits means that you may want to reconsider how much you spend on insuring your car every year. This is why companies like Berjaya Sompo offer insurance policies that cater to the specific needs of modern-day consumers.

    SOMPO MotorSafe is a revolutionary plan that changes the way people think about auto insurance and lets them control their spending. We recommend switching to this plan to save up on annual insurance premiums if you drive less in a year.

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