Beware of ‘Lesen Terbang’ Syndicate

‘Lesen terbang’ is a driving license obtained illegally by paying a certain party, without attending any course or sitting for written and practical tests.


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On January 31, 2022, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) exposed an Instagram account openly promoting ‘lesen terbang’ (illegally obtained driving licenses) services.

The Instagram account ‘iteacherconsultingofficial’ offers several services, including the sale of driving licenses. The driving licenses offered can be completed within five days and recorded in the JPJ system, which allows payment to be made after the issuance of the ‘lesen terbang.’

JPJ’s Facebook post stated that JPJ took the ‘lesen terbang’ syndicate seriously and will conduct further investigations, including reporting the syndicate to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Example of a 'lesen terbang' package advertisement
Example of a ‘lesen terbang’ package advertisement

What does ‘lesen terbang’ mean?

‘Lesen terbang’ or ‘lesen kopi-o’ refers to a driving license obtained illegally by paying a particular party without attending any course or sitting for written and practical tests.

For your information, the selling of ‘lesen terbang’ is not a new issue. On September 13, 2018, Berita Harian reported that the then Ministry of Transport suspected the issuance of about 14,000 ‘lesen terbang’ from 2016 to 2018.

As reported by BERNAMA on February 1, 2022, JPJ director-general Datuk Zailani Hashim said that JPJ would attempt to resolve any ‘lesen terbang’ case when it arises, including by going undercover.

Apart from disguising as a ‘lesen terbang’ buyer, JPJ would also check with Cyber ​​Security Malaysia (CSM) to identify the domain used by the syndicate members when it involves online fraud.

Say no to ‘lesen terbang’, get a driving license legally

Hill-climbing test in a driving institute's circuit
Hill-climbing test in a driving institute’s circuit

Citing Zailani’s statement, “Our department (JPJ) would like to emphasise that there is no situation where any person in our country can obtain a license by just making payments to certain parties.”

Therefore, please obtain a driving license by following the prescribed procedure.

If you wish to get a car or motorcycle license, below are the steps to get your license:

Register with a driving school

First, contact the driving school or institute of your choice. The driving institute will manage your course registration.

You can check the list of registered driving institutes throughout Malaysia in each state on JPJ’s website.

Attend Driver’s Education Curriculum Course (KPP01)

Second, you must attend the Driver Education Curriculum Course (KPP01) for 6 hours, usually on weekends.

You are encouraged to dress neatly and politely while taking this course.

Sit for Computerised Traffic Law Test

Following the KPP01 course, you will then have to sit for a Computerised Traffic Law Test within 45 minutes.

Note that the minimum score to pass this test is 42/50. Should you not meet the minimum score, you will have to repeat the test.

You can visit to check out test topics and simulations to prepare yourself.

Get L license after passing the computer test

You will be given an L License (Learner Driving License) within a week after passing the computer test.

Attend Driver’s Education Curriculum Course (KPP02)

KPP02 course refers to practical training in the circuit for 8 hours.

To get a motorcycle license, you must undergo practical training such as doing 8 laps, bridge routes, passing through cone obstacles, and emergency braking.

As for getting a car license, you need to undergo practical training such as hill-climbing, side parking, and a three-cornered test.

Take Driving Education Curriculum Course (KPP03)

After completing the driving training in the circuit, you will need to undergo the Driver Education Curriculum Course (KPP03).

This course refers to driving training on the road under the supervision of an experienced instructor of a driving institute for 8 hours. After completing the training, you will get a “learning to drive form” (SM4).

Take qualifying driving examination (QTI)

Next, you will need to sit for the qualifying test or QTI before undergoing the JPJ practical test. A certified instructor will conduct the test at the driving institute.

If you pass the QTI, you will proceed to the final test, which is the JPJ practical test.

Take Driving Practical Examination (JPJ)

After passing the QTI test, you will sit for the JPJ practical test on an assigned date according to available slots at the driving institute.

If you pass the JPJ practical test, you will be eligible for a P driving license (Probationary Driving License). However, you will have to repeat the test if you fail it.

Driving license prices (for motorcycles and cars)

For your information, the cost of getting a driving license varies by state and location of the driving institute.

But here is good news. The Licensing Committee of the Driving Institute (LKPIM) ​​, under the management of JPJ, has set the ceiling or maximum price for tuition and driving training fees at any driving institute nationwide.

The following are the estimated driving license prices for motorcycles and cars:

License typeClassPrice
MotorcycleB2RM350 – RM450
MotorcycleBRM900 – RM1,100
Manual carDRM1,150 – RM1,300
Automatic carDARM1,250 – RM1,500
Note: The above motorcycle and car license rates are estimates, and price changes are subject to other additional services.

Get a driving license legally for everyone’s safety

There is no shortcut to success. This is also true if you wish to get a driving license.

Know that the laws and procedures for obtaining a driving license are in place to ensure that you are fit to drive and to protect the lives of road users.

Therefore, you must refrain from getting a driving license illegally, such as getting a ‘lesen terbang’.

Besides, if you insist on getting a ‘lesen terbang’, you will face legal action and endanger your life and the lives of other road users.

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