Car Theft: Insurance Claims Guide

Anyone can be a victim of car theft. Learn in this article the procedure to make an insurance claim for car theft.

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According to the Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (VTREC), an average of 20 vehicles were stolen daily in 2020. Further, based on the statistics from Insurance Services Malaysia, a total of 3,993 motorcycles, 2,981 private cars and 426 commercial vehicles were stolen in 2020. As car theft is rampant, you should always be vigilant to keep your car safe. But what if your car gets stolen despite the measures you take? Read on as we share how you can make an insurance claim in the event of car theft.

Car theft and insurance claims guide

Can you claim insurance for car theft?

Yes. You can make an insurance claim if your car is stolen, on these two conditions:

Note that if you purchase third party insurance, you will not be able to claim insurance for car theft. This is because third party insurance only covers the damages and losses to a third party.

How to make a car theft claim?

Should you become a victim of car theft, follow these steps to make a car theft claim:

1. Lodge a police report immediately

Make a police report immediately or at least within 24 hours of discovery. You must have a police report before you can file a claim.

2. Call your insurance company to file a claim

You are required to notify your insurance company of the theft immediately. Your insurer will advise you on the claims process.

You will need to provide the necessary documents including:

  • Claim form
  • Police report
  • Identity card (copy)
  • Driving licence (copy)
  • Vehicle grant (copy)

After submission of the claim form, cooperate fully with your insurance company and their assigned adjusters on the theft claim investigation.

The process may take 6 months or until the investigation is over before your insurance can compensate you. Follow up with your insurance accordingly.

Prevent car theft

Be vigilant and follow these safety steps to reduce the risk of car theft:

  • Park your car in a secured, guarded and well-lit area
  • Keep your doors and windows locked whenever you are not in your car, even for just a few minutes
  • Keep your valuables hidden. If you have to leave your valueables in your car, keep them in the trunk
  • Add extra security features to your car with anti-theft devices

Get sufficient coverage for your car

Anyone can be a victim of car theft. As you can only claim insurance for car theft if you purchase either comprehensive policy or third party, fire and theft policy, ensure that you get sufficient coverage for your car. As a responsible car owner, you should also remain vigilant to minimize the risk of car theft.

Remember that you can only make an insurance claim for car theft if your insurance is active. So ensure that your insurance is active at all times. Insurance renewal is convenient when you use Bjak. Simply renew your insurance online at and have your insurance activated in under 5 minutes.