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6 Driving Tips in Heavily Congested Areas

    Driving Tips in Heavily Congested Areas

    Getting stuck in traffic is unavoidable. Moreover, if you are commuting every day, going back and forth to your workplace. Your usual 10 minutes trip can turn into an hours-long trip due to the heavily congested road. Traffic jams during peak hours are horrible and dangerous too. Here we share several driving tips to wade through the congested areas safely.

    6 driving tips to deal with traffic jams

    Study your route

    You are recommended to study your driving route. Scan the road ahead or plan an exit strategy when stationary. Keep an eye on your mirrors for a vehicle about to rear-end you and plan where you can go to avoid it.

    It is helpful to plan your route and study the pattern of traffic moreover if you commute on daily basis. As examples are which lanes move faster at which point, where the snarls occur, and what the potential dangers are.

    Pick a safe route and stick to it. This way, you can learn all the dangers and prevent possible untoward incidents.

    Positioning your car if you need to take a turn

    Please position your vehicle properly if you need to take a turn. Control your speed to avoid collisions with another car at your side or in your front.

    Don’t forget to use your turn signal when changing lanes or merging. Use your mirrors to monitor the areas around your car. Perform head checks to check your blind spots before moving your direction.

    Don’t use a mobile phone when driving

    Stay focused. Avoid texting, taking calls, or watching videos while driving to cut the risk of accidents. Not just in highly congested areas but at all times.

    According to a report, car accidents caused by gadget usage have increased manifold. Therefore, please cut off the distractions and focus on the road when driving. You can limit the distraction by turning off your mobile phone or putting it in silent mode.

    However, if you need to take a call, please find a safe spot and park your car to avoid accidents.

    Do not over-speed

    Over-speeding on a heavily congested road is highly dangerous. Most accidents happen due to the same reason. You will never know what obstacles or new vehicles you might face on the road, so do not ride too fast.

    Here is some tip that you use when driving in the congestion-prone area. Make sure to apply slight pressure to your accelerator pedal to avoid gaining a high speed if there are cars in front of you.

    Don’t forget to keep a tab of your surroundings too. Make sure to check the mirrors of your car to see the movement of the cars at your back or your side.

    Keep a safe distance

    Avoid tailgating the car in front of you. A short distance can lead to a rear-end collision. Or worst, a chain collision.

    Therefore, keep a safe distance. Make sure the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you is at least three seconds. This will help you avoid frequent braking and rear-end collisions.

    When cars in the front brake, take your foot off the accelerator to slow down gradually before you brake.

    Be cautious not to brake abruptly. If you need to brake, press the brake pedal as gently as possible so that the car behind you has time to react in the same manner.

    Check traffic apps

    Plan ahead. Before you start your trip, check traffic apps on your phone or listen to radio reports to avoid congested areas.

    If you’re worried about encountering heavy traffic during your commute, take time before you leave to map out an alternate route on your GPS like Waze or Google Maps.

    In many cases, even leaving ten minutes before the start or after the end of the rush hour can dramatically decrease the flow of traffic on your drive.

    Follow safe driving trips on the road

    We hope you find these tips helpful to conquer the next heavy traffic scenario. Hopefully armed with these tips, you can conquer the next heavy traffic scenario you’re faced with. Remember, getting to your destination safely is the number one priority for all drivers on the road.

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