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How To Keep A Safe Following Distance on the Road?

    How To Keep A Safe Following Distance on the Road?

    You are driving down the road and notice the car behind you is driving too close to you. A sudden brake can lead to accidents and rear-end collisions. Isn’t it a frustrating situation?

    That is why maintaining a safe following distance is critical to safe driving. It does not apply to the car driving behind you only, but it is a reminder to you as well not to tailgate the car in front of you.

    Before we go any further, let’s find out what is a safe following distance.

    Safe following distance: 3-seconds rule

    Increasing your following distance will help you give the space and time to react in case the vehicle in front of you slams on the brakes or hit another car.

    You may determine a safe distance between cars using the 3-second rule. Let’s practice this rule the next time you drive on the road.

    Here’s how you use the 3-second rule:

    When following a vehicle, pick a fixed object down the road, such as a sign, a tree, or other landmarks.

    When the vehicle passes the fixed object, start counting to three. If you pass the same point before you make it to three, you are likely driving too close to the car in front of you. You will need to slow down to increase your following distance.

    Please do not keep your focus solely on the point that it distracts your focus from driving.

    *Note: Make sure you count properly; count one-1,000, two-1,000, three-1,000

    When to increase following driving distance

    At times, the 3-second rules may not be sufficient to avoid a rear-end collision with the in front of you. There are times when you need to increase the distance beyond 3-seconds.

    • Driving in a bad weather

    Avoid driving during bad weather that limits your visibility. Low visibility can make it difficult for you to see the road.

    Slippery roads can also hinder your vehicle from stopping promptly.

    • Driving in heavy traffic

    The potential for accidents and rear-end collisions increases during heavy traffic. This is where most drivers will potentially slam a brake to avoid accidents with other vehicles.

    • Following large vehicles

    Please increase your following distance when driving behind large vehicles. For example, trucks, lorries, and busses.

    Driving behind large vehicles can potentially block your vision when you follow them too closely.

    • Being tailgated

    Having a vehicle following you too closely from behind can be dangerous in case of the car in front of you suddenly brakes.

    If you spot a car tailgating you, make sure you have additional space between you and the car in front so you can change lanes or allow the driver following you to pass.

    It is always wise to play safe than take a risk.

    Can you claim insurance in the event of rear-end collision?

    You may still get into an accident despite taking all the measures to stay safe on the road. There is nothing you can do to prevent the unseen from happening.

    What can you do if your car is, unfortunately, gets hit from behind?

    Don’t worry. You are allowed to claim insurance to repair the damage using a third-party claim. You do not have to claim insurance under your policy if it is proven that you are not the guilty party.

    You may refer to our previous article to learn more about insurance claims for rear-end collisions.

    Practice safe following distance

    Please ensure to practice safe driving when driving on the road.

    When you maintain a proper following distance and follow the 3-second rule, you’ll have a much better chance at avoiding a serious collision.

    Other than that, please avoid distractions like using a smartphone or glancing at a navigation device. They also play a role in rear-end collisions. Even if you use the three-second rule, you may not have time to react if you are distracted.

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