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Etiqa Car Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage For Private Cars

    Etiqa car insurance - cover

    When we speak of car insurance in Malaysia, several brands immediately come to mind over others. One such example would be Etiqa. It is among the top insurance providers in the country due to its popularity and the coverage options it offers.

    In this article, we will share some key benefits of Etiqa’s car policy for private vehicles, and you should consider signing up for it in your next insurance renewal.

    What is included?

    There are three basic coverage included in Etiqa’s car policy. They have third-party bodily injury and death, third-party property loss or damage and loss or damage to your vehicle due to accidental fire, theft, or accident.

    The policy covers these incidents for the basic premium you must pay. Add-ons such as windscreen coverage, special perils and vehicle maintenance will incur additional charges. As one of the most sought-after car policies in Malaysia, Etiqa car insurance has several noteworthy key benefits stated below:

    Key benefits for car owners

    • Instant discount – Get 10% off on top of your No Claim Discount (NCD) when you renew online.
    • Fast and easy – Renew your insurance in 3 easy steps.
    • Agreed value – In the event of a claim, you will be reimbursed according to the agreed value.
    • All drivers – You do not need to enter any named drivers; all your authorised drivers are automatically covered.
    • Nil excess – No more claims excess when you make a claim. For drivers above 21 years old only.
    • 24-hour road assistance – Dedicated claims and auto assist hotlines that offer 24/7 emergency assistance.

    Add-on coverage

    Car insurance brand

    Apart from the basic coverage listed above, Etiqa car insurance offers a range of add-on coverage that car owners can choose to include in their policy.

    Here are the available add-ons and a summary of what they cover:

    Drive Less, Save More Insurance

    This add-on gives you cash rebates of up to 30% a year for reduced mileage on the road. To be eligible for this benefit, policyholders must have the Drive Less Save More Insurance add-on on their Etiqa Motor Insurance plan.

    Oto 360 Personal Accident Cover

    With Oto 360 Personal Accident Cover, policyholders are covered for medical expenses, death or disability due to accidents. The coverage applies to both drivers and passengers.

    Windscreen Coverage

    Worried about losing your No Claim Discount (NCD) benefits when you submit claims for windscreen cracks and breaks? Well, the windscreen coverage add-on by Etiqa protects your hard-earned NCD like a newborn baby.

    Cash Relief

    Child Car Seat – Get reimbursements of up to RM500 to repair or replace your child car seat(s) damaged due to an accident, flood, fire or theft of your car.

    Agreed Value – Pays the insured/covered amount agreed upon signing up for the policy.

    Smart Key Replacement – Get cash of up to RM3,000 to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged car smart key.

    Cash Assistance – Cash in addition to claims payout should you get into an accident.

    Compensation for Loss of Use (CLU) & Assessed Repair Time (CART) – Get compensation when your car is held up in the workshop for accident repairs, with a maximum cash payout of RM200 per day for CLU and CART.

    The table below shows the differences between CLU and CART by Etiqa.

    Add-on TypeCompensation for Loss of Use (CLU)Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)
    Benefits paidBased on the duration of your car in the workshop.Based on the assessed repair time by the adjuster.
    Maximum cash payout per dayRM200RM200
    Maximum number of days10 days21 days
    The number of payout and days vary according to your policy/certificate.

    Damaged caused by weather and riots

    Extreme Weather – Protection against loss or damage to your vehicle due to convulsions of nature such as floods, thunderstorms, landslides, earthquakes and more.

    Riots – Coverage against loss or damage to your car during strikes, riots, and civil commotions.

    Vehicle maintenance

    New Spare Parts – If your car is above five years old, you can replace accident-damaged parts with new spare parts at no additional charge.

    Car Repaint – If your car is below ten years old, you can have the whole car repainted using this add-on coverage from Etiqa.

    Get Etiqa car insurance at Bjak

    Etiqa’s car insurance is arguably one of the best plans in the market. The plan offers a range of coverage for car owners so they can drive all year round without any worries.

    This is one of the many auto insurance brands that Bjak offers. You can visit our website at to check policies from Etiqa for free. All you have to do is enter your car details and personal particulars, and your free quote will be sent to you in minutes.

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