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Rear-End Collision? Follow These Steps to Claim Insurance

    Rear-End Collision? Follow These Steps to Claim Insurance

    Road accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Despite practising safe driving, you could still run into any untoward incident on the road.

    For example, you could, unfortunately, get hit by a car from behind. It frequently happens, moreover, during heavy traffic congestion.

    It is normal for both parties to panic in such an accident. They may panic especially if they find the steps and procedures to deal with the situation confusing.

    But do not worry as Bjak will share the steps that you need to take in the event of rear-end collision.

    Rear-end collision? Follow these steps to claim insurance

    Procedure to make an insurance claim for rear-end collision
    Image credit: Ben Crump

    Some regard rear-end collision as a minor incident that could be settled quickly.

    However, it may not be as simple. The concerned parties may suffer losses such as over-compensation (the party at fault) or under-compensation for the repair cost (the party whose car is hit).

    To protect your right, let us explain the steps in dealing with such a situation.

    Turn on hazard lights

    Turn on hazard lights when you run into an accident to caution other road users
    Image credit: Your Mechanic

    First, turn on your hazard lights (especially if the incident occurs at night) to warn other road users that something has happened to your vehicle.

    Check your surrounding

    Look at your surrounding. If the accident happens on a highway, immediately move your car to an emergency lane to avoid inconvenience to other road users.

    Please do the same if the accident happens in a traffic jam. Please use your turn signal before moving your car to the roadside.

    Avoid staying on the main road to avoid traffic congestion and for safety purposes.

    Jot down the details of the other vehicle

    Take note of their plate number and roadtax to enable insurance claims later.

    Immediately write down the vehicle registration number and roadtax of the car to make an insurance claim against the party at fault. If you can, get their permission to snap a photo of their MyKad.

    Besides, take photos of your car and the other car to ensure a smooth procedure to claim insurance.

    Take their phone number

    Take their phone number to make it easier for you to contact them later.

    Ask for the guilty party’s cooperation to lodge a police report

    Ask for the guilty party's cooperation to lodge a police report
    Image credit: Kraft & Associates

    Discuss with the involved party nicely. Do not get violent, and please try to settle it reasonably. Ask for their cooperation to lodge a police report.

    You have to make a police report too

    You should also lodge a police report immediately within 24 hours after the accident (even if the guilty party has provided compensation in money form).

    There may be cases where the innocent party is suddenly contacted by the police and charged as guilty. Meanwhile, the actual guilty party claims that they have been hit and run.

    Therefore, lodge a police report so the policy can certify that you are not the party at fault.

    Look for an insurance panel workshop

    Send your car to a panel workshop immediately for damage repair.

    You may also seek their help to manage your insurance claim against the third party (third party insurance claim) to repair your car.

    From whom should you claim insurance in the event of rear-end collision?

    You are eligible to claim insurance from the guilty party if your car gets hit from behind, using a third party claim.

    You do not have to claim insurance under your policy if it is proven that you are not the guilty party.

    Ensure that you explain the entire incident to the insurer so you can make an insurance claim against the guilty party smoothly.

    Will your NCD rate be affected if you make a third party insurance claim?

    No. Your No Claim Discount (NCD) rate will not be affected after you make a third party insurance claim as you are not the party at fault.

    For your information, you will lose your NCD only if you are proven guilty of an accident and a claim is made against your insurance. Additionally, you will also lose your NCD if you make an Own Damage claim when you run into an accident caused by you.

    Note that you can only make an Own Damage claim if you purchase comprehensive insurance.

    Settle an insurance claim in an amicable manner

    Rear-end collision can happen regardless of place and time. If this happens to you, please remain calm while dealing with the other involved party. Make sure you follow the steps shared above, so you do not miss out on the important details.

    Additionally, please discuss the matter with the guilty party in an amicable manner. We would also like to remind you to lodge a police report to avoid any accusation from any party.

    Other than that, make sure that your insurance and roadtax are still active to avoid any problems in your claims process.

    If your insurance and roadtax are expiring, renew them immediately.

    Visit Bjak to renew your insurance and roadtax for your convenience. Start by getting free car insurance quotes in just 3 minutes and compare 15 insurance brands to get the best insurance policy.