Insurance Adjusters: Roles in Insurance Claim

An insurance adjuster is responsible to assess the damage to your vehicle after an accident on behalf of the insurance company.

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“We will send an insurance adjuster to evaluate your vehicle damage.”

The insurance adjuster is one of the responsible parties to assist you with the insurance claim.

Those who have filed an insurance claim might be familiar with what an adjuster does. However, some may not know how an adjuster is related to assisting the claim.

Read on as we explain further what an adjuster means and their role as well.

What is an adjuster?

adjuster insurans akan menilai kerosakan kereta anda

To your knowledge, an insurance adjuster is in charge of investigating and evaluating the losses amount and compensation following an accident.

The adjuster is an independent firm. Insurance companies or Takaful operators will appoint an adjuster to investigate an accident and provide an updated report from time to time.

Upon filing an insurance claim following an accident, an adjuster will assist with documentation, forwarding them to your insurance company.

Roles of insurance adjuster 

Motor Department

This department consists of two units:

  1. Own Damage Department

The department manages claims to repair vehicles caused by accidents. Usually, an adjuster from the department will go to the workshop to estimate the number of damages and repair costs as well.

  1. Third Party Body Injury Department

An adjuster from this unit manages claims made by the third party against the insurer following an accident that results in death or injury.

Example: Ali is riding his motorcycle on the highway. However, his motorcycle was unfortunately hit by a car causing him to suffer severe injuries. Following the accident, Ali (referred to as a third party) files an insurance claim against the at-fault party for compensation.

The adjuster will assist in managing Ali’s claim and evaluate the amount of compensation that Ali will receive.

*Note: If you are an accident victim, please gather the necessary info. Examples are the vehicle plate number of the at-fault party. Other than that, lodge a police report immediately unless there is a valid reason, such as being hospitalised or receiving treatment for your injuries, that an official medical report can support. In brief, a police report is important to facilitate your claim.

Non-motor department

An adjuster from this unit manages claim involving the following:

  • building fire,
  • property,
  • theft,
  • damage due to natural disasters, and
  • public liability

For instance, your shop suffers damage resulting from natural disasters. After a claim is made against the insurance company, an adjuster will be involved to investigate all the losses suffered by you.

Can you deal directly with an insurance adjuster?

No. The adjuster does only represent the insurance company. An adjuster will approve the suitable amount according to the situation and does not respond to an individual’s reasoning.

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