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Malaysia to Enter the Transition Into Endemic Phase in April Ahead of Border Reopening

    Transition to endemic phase in Malaysia

    Malaysia will enter the “Transition to Endemic” phase of Covid-19 starting April 1.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Yaakob said the transition is an exit strategy that would allow Malaysians to return to near-normal life after battling the pandemic for nearly two years.

    “This is a temporary stage before the country moves to the endemic phase. This is subject to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s announcements,” he said in a nationwide address.

    Ismail explained the decision is made following the country’s high vaccination rate. He said low hospital bed usage for Covid-19 patients is also low. However, people still need to wear face masks in public.

    Despite the surge in Covid-19 cases following the Omicron wave, he said the percentage of severe infections is at a low of 0.7%.

    “The number of Covid-19 patients that require treatment and observation in intensive care units (ICU) is at 42% of capacity, which is under control.

    “98.7% of the adult population are fully vaccinated, while 64% have received booster shots,” Ismail said.

    Business premises including restaurants can operate as usual according to their business license

    Here is a quick guide on the relaxed Covid-19 rules and SOPs for the transition phase:

    • People still need to wear face masks in public.
    • People must still check in using the MySejahtera app at all premises. However, there is no need for checking in at open areas.
    • There will be no restrictions on business operating hours.
    • No physical distancing rules for prayers and religious activities. These include praying at the mosques and non-Muslim houses of worship.
    • No limits apply for the number of employees allowed in the workplace based on vaccination rates .
    • Those who test positive for Covid-19 will still need to abide by the health ministry’s existing guidelines and SOPs.

    Reopening of the country border to international travellers

    Reopening of the country border to international travellers effective April 1, 2022

    On reopening the country’s border, Ismail said there are some mandatory steps for both Malaysians and international travellers as the omicron variant is still present in the country and other countries.

    Ismail said fully vaccinated international visitors can enter the country without quarantine. They just have to undergo pre-departure tests (RT-PCR) and upon-arrival tests (RTK-Antigen under professional supervision) 24 hours after the arrival.

    It is also no longer necessary for international travellers to apply for the MyTravelPass. Instead, they only need to download the MySejahtera tracking application and fill out a pre-departure travel form.

    “For those who are not fully vaccinated, or unable to receive the vaccine due to health reasons, the health minister will detail further Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on this.”

    Meanwhile, interstate travel is open to all regardless of vaccination status. Malaysians can also start to travel freely to other countries with similar open borders.

    Obey the rules as Malaysia enters the “Transition to Endemic” phase

    Let us practise social distancing together to move forward. Please follow the relaxed rules and SOPs in place.

    We are responsible for containing the virus from spreading.

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