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MySejahtera Application Guidelines for International Travellers

    MySejahtera Application Guidelines for International Travellers

    Are you an international traveller or a Malaysian returning to the country? Either way, you are welcome to enter Malaysia. Malaysia is now welcoming tourists as the country’s border has effectively been opened in early April.

    Those who have the plan to enter Malaysia, please note to download and update your MySejahtera application. Your Mysejahtera account is compulsory as part of the pre-boarding instruction to “check-in” to Malaysia.

    Are you yet to familiarise yourself with the use of MySejahtera application? Read on as we share more more about MySejahtera application.

    What is MySejahtera Traveller?

    What is MySejahtera Traveller?

    MySejahtera Traveller is a function built specially for travellers (Malaysians and Non-Malaysians) who would be visiting or returning to Malaysia.

    This is based on the new standard operating procedure developed by the Malaysian Government. This aims to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic is under control upon gradual opening of Malaysian international borders.

    Amongst the use of this new function is:

    • Ensure travellers completes the health declaration form prior to arriving to Malaysia
    • Check-In at the point of entry (Arrival Check-In) using the MySejahtera QR Code Scanner
    • Issuance of “Home Surveillance Order” (HSO) digitally to the MySejahtera user profile for a total duration of 7 days for vaccinated individuals and 10 days for unvaccinated individuals
    • Performing daily self-assessment throughout the period of 14 days home quarantine
    • Reminder to the “person under surveillance” undergoing HSO to go for a lab test on day 5 for vaccinated individuals and on day 8 for unvaccinated individuals
    • Digital HSO will be completed on MySejahtera user profile automatically on day 7 or day 10

    Guideline to register in MySejahtera application

    The followings are the steps to register MySejahtera:

    1. Download and install MySejahtera from the Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (GAMMA), Apple AppStore, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery
    2. Click on “Register Here” to register a new account
    3. Enter your mobile phone number and click “Register”. You may also click on the link “I would like to use Email to Register” (if you want to register using email address)
    4. You will receive an OTP via SMS from 63839 (if you register using phone number) or confirmation link through your email. (if you register using email address)
    5. Enter the OTP and click ‘Send’ (if you register using phone number) or click on the confirmation link sent to your email (if you register using email address)
    6. Fill in your registration details and click ‘Confirm’
    7. You will receive a “Successful Registration” message. Click “Close” at the bottom of the screen to return to the sign-in screen
    8. Enter your User ID (phone number or email address) and your password and click “Sign in”.
    9. Done! You may start using the app

    Before departure to Malaysia

    Follow these steps before departure to Malaysia on MySejahtera application.

    1. Choose one of the application store to download “MySejahtera”
    2. Search for MySejahtera and click “Get”
    3. After downloaded, click “Register Here’ to register your account
    4. Register using an active email or phone number
    5. You will receive a SMS or an email. Enter the OTP number received via SMS or click the link in the email to activate your account
    6. Fill in the form, set your password and click “Confirm” when done
    7. Open “Mysejahtera” and log in using registered phone number and email
    8. Click on “Things to do”
    9. Answer all assessment
    10. Registration complete and will show your Health Assessment Status

    Arrive in Malaysia

    Follow these steps upon arrival in Malaysia on MySejahtera application.

    1. Scan QR code at arrival airport/seaport/land checkpoint using “MySejahtera” QR code reader
    2. Fill in the form
    3. Once completed, press “Hantar/Submit” button
    4. Once submitted, it will show proof or submission
    5. Open “Profile” page at MySejahtera, it will show Home Surveillance Order (HSO)

    Use of MySejahtera during 14 days of quarantine

    Follow these steps during 14 days of quarantine on MySejahtera application.

    1. Open “MySejahtera” application, click home and then “Things to do”
    2. Click to answer “Health Assessment for COVID-19
    3. Answer all question and press “Submit”
    4. Make sure all questions are answered and click “OK”
    5. Make sure all assessments on that day answered under “Things to do” tab
    • If you have symptoms, kindly inform nearest District Health Officer
    • If you do not have symptoms, repeat for the remaining days of quarantine. On Day 12, a reminder will inform you to take test on Day 13. On Day 13, you will once again be reminded to take the test at clinic for test (you can locate the nearest health facility at the main menu).

    Follow these steps on Mysejahtera application to ensure smooth travel to Malaysia

    All travellers from abroad must download and register as MySejahtera users before coming to Malaysia. We hope this article is helpful for travellers who would be visiting Malaysia.

    As we have already entered the endemic phase, please follow the SOPs and wear mask in public area. Stay safe and let’s contain the spreading of virus together.

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